Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Watch Mercedes Benz's Star-Studded 'Soul' Ad

Ethan GrantAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2013

When it comes to Super Bowl ads, Mercedes Benz wasn't messing around in 2013.

Now that 30-second ads are projected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 million (per Brad Tuttle of Time), you can't really blame companies for stepping it up a notch in the creativity department.

Not only did Mercedes Benz vamp up the creativity, they brought it legitimate Hollywood stars to get the job done.

With names like William Dafoe, Usher and Kate Upton, can you go wrong?

Check out the ad below:

Playing on the ideal dream of the American man, the car company looks to surround the driver of the car with extravagant parties, people and women once he takes control of the new Mercedes. 

Dafoe, playing the villain—as he has done so well in his film and television career—tempts the young driver with a chance to assume control of it for free, but the price is affordable (ironic, considering the cost of the ad itself) and Dafoe disappears in disgust.

Super Bowl ads are always one of the most popular storylines of the game itself, and Mercedes brought the pain with this one. Compare it to the other ads that you enjoyed from the game and see where it ranks in your Super Bowl XLVII top commercials list.