Donald Trump, Deion Sanders and Apolo Ohno Star in Century 21 Super Bowl Ad

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 31, 2013

Century 21 is banking on your love and adoration for Donald Trump, Deion Sanders and Apolo Anton Ohno for their Super Bowl commercial. 

I want to repeat that so you might swirl the thought around for a bit and see how it makes you feel. They are hoping you take one look at Donald Trump and get a whole bunch of warm and fuzzy feelings. 

Aside from that, this Super Bowl commercial is like the lettuce on a really good BLT. It might not stand out on Super Bowl Sunday as one of the best ads, but it serves its purpose, bringing the star power we would expect on the day. 

I certainly love the Deion Sanders part when the Century 21 agent out-bolds him with a unicorn and what looks to be a circus going on in the background. 

And really, who wouldn't want some Neon Deion cookies?

Passing Apolo Anton Ohno on the ice is a tremendous feat and has me thinking this commercial could have been taken to terrific heights. 

Out of all the Super Bowl ads we have seen thus far, this Century 21 commercial will have some work to do on Sunday with everyone sitting at home, judging with discerning eyes. 

This is the one day we are all marketing experts, and I believe this is the one that will be hit hardest. Maybe don't lead with Donald Trump out of the gate. 

I tend to tune out emotionally. 


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