Astute Nick Heidfeld Beats The Rain For BMW Sauber!

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Astute Nick Heidfeld Beats The Rain For BMW Sauber!
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Nick Heidfeld comes in at second place in the rain washed Malaysian GP ! Surprise Surprise?

Not really. In what is becoming increasingly predictable, Nick seems to be one of the better guys who can incline the appalling weather and deteriorating track conditions to his favour.

Many might call it luck, but luck doesn't always favour a person!

He did it in Silverstone and in Spa last year, taking bold decisions when strategists in various teams were pondering over complex calculations. I believe Nick was the only driver to have pitted once in the Malaysian GP, well...that really tells the story.

I would tend to say that these deserved results are purely down to his intuition and quick thinking, which is obviously aided by his racing experience.

In what has been a fairly disappointing season for BMW Sauber till yesterday, I am sure that Dr.Mario Thiessen would be gratified by the fact that Nick got onto the podium in Malaysia, which is home to one of their major sponsors 'Petronas'.

Ferrari's decision to shod Kimi's car with extreme wets was shocking! They should learn a few lessons from the BMW Sauber team and Nick.

Maybe he is called 'Quick Nick' not just because he is quick on track! 

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