Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Watch Taco Bell's Hilarious 'Viva Young' Ad

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IFebruary 3, 2013

Not only does Super Bowl Sunday pit two formidable teams up against each other, it's historically been a day when some of the year's greatest commercials come out.

Look no further than Taco Bell's "Viva Young" commercial for Super Bowl XLVII as proof.

Let me just say this: You'll never look at Taco Bell the same again after this commercial. Featuring the elderly escaping from retirement homes for a night out on the town, this ad gives new meaning to living young.

Maybe it's the fact that old people peel out in a sports car. Or the fact that they light firecrackers on doorsteps. Then again, maybe it's because they go out to the nightclubs, dance and get freaky. Or pull pranks on horrified diners and get tattoos.

Whatever it is, Taco Bell produced a hilarious Super Bowl ad this year that is sure to get plenty of reaction. 

Just watching the commercial makes me wonder what grandparents really do on their free time. Are they as senile and listless as they lead us to believe? Or is it just an act? One thing's for sure: Retirement homes will be keeping a closer eye on patients after this ad blares across TV screens on Super Bowl Sunday.

I don't know exactly what this commercial has to do with tacos (besides the fact that Taco Bell appears to be the place to go after going clubbing), but the ad will certainly give the fast food chain a good deal of attention.

Watch out, world. The elderly are getting restless.


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