Why You Will Care About Brad Maddox

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 1, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Get to know him, grow to love him, because Brad Maddox is going to have a significant role in the theater of violence and absurdity that is WWE.

It's not often WWE finds a prospect with the combo of striking good looks, athletic ability and acting chops that Maddox has.

If David Otunga can hang around based on his impressive physique and decent stage presence, Maddox is going to find a comfy spot with WWE and roost there.

Paul Heyman just let loose the wolves that are The Shield on Maddox, but the former Rogue Referee should come back strong.

Maybe he serves as a manager, someone's on-screen assistant or as an actual wrestler. Either way, Maddox's skill set begs for him to be on WWE TV.

His reality television show puts Dolph Ziggler's work in WWE Download to shame. Maddox is equally slick and silly with charisma to spare.

He's not exactly Steve Carell, but Maddox's comic timing puts him in a special class in WWE.

WWE has made silly segments a significant part of Raw and SmackDown. Maddox is far more entertaining than 3MB or Brodus Clay. That fact should keep Maddox in the WWE creative team's minds for upcoming storylines.

Does he turn face now that Heyman has left him behind? Does the experience shape him into a darker individual?

Either way, he's capable of rocking those roles. Maddox is an asset as a performer, both theatrically and athletically.

Taking a look at a FCW match he had against Seth Rollins, his potential pulsates on the screen.

He delivers forearm shots just as effectively as he collapses in pain. He's quick, fluid and seems to understand how to make a match compelling.

Those skills make him a valuable piece of the puzzle. If WWE want to make him someone's crony, a swindler or a coward, Maddox can flourish.

While David Otunga's lawyer character is limited by his inability in the ring, Maddox has the skills to back up any character they assign to him.

WWE seems increasingly comfortable with the youth on the roster taking over.

Antonio Cesaro is the United States champ. Damien Sandow is on a prominent tag team. The Shield is embroiled in a major storyline.

Maddox could be next.

After his initial angle as the rogue referee faded out, the company kept Maddox around on the fringes. WWE let him lurk on Raw without a real direction.

That may be because it knows it has a versatile tool in Maddox and is just waiting for an excuse to showcase him.

As the Brad Maddox Experience slides from niche to prime time, it's going to be a fun ride WWE fans don't want to miss.