2013 NFL Draft: 6 Players Who Continue to Rise This Offseason

Dan TylickiAnalyst IFebruary 1, 2013

2013 NFL Draft: 6 Players Who Continue to Rise This Offseason

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    With the college football season and the Senior Bowl over, big boards have been changing dramatically over the past few weeks, and scouts are looking more and more closely at the rising stars.

    After a closer look, some fall right off the board. It felt like Mike Glennon was a top first-round pick for about 15 minutes. Others continue to rise the more that scouts watch them.

    The following six players range from being late picks to first-round picks in early mocks but over the course of the next three months, all will continue to rise up draft boards.

6. Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

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    Dee Milliner has been accepted as the top cornerback in the draft, but the second spot is wide open. Since the Senior Bowl, it looks like Desmond Trufant has a stranglehold on that spot.

    Having the Trufant blood in him is a plus—but from the Senior Bowl alone, he has moved from a second-round pick to a first-round pick. All it would take is a good combine and further film-watching to push him into the middle of the first round.

5. Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas

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    Olympic athletes seem to be taken a bit higher than their college football careers warrant. Marquise Goodwin is an undersized receiver at 5'9" who might be stuck in a slot role at the next level.

    Despite that, Goodwin was part of the US track team in the London Olympics. That type of speed does not show up in the draft every year.

    As a result, he's precisely the type of prospect who could have a big rise after the combine, especially since in his case, it won't tell us much beyond what we already know. He could end up as a Round 2 reach.

4. Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

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    Two years ago, I didn't think any running back was worth taking in the first round, though I knew Mark Ingram would go there. Two years later, it's the same situation.

    The running back class is deep, but there's nobody at the top. As a result, since Lacy has proven himself as easily the best back in the class, he's going to rise up draft boards.

    Will he make Round 1? Certainly, possibly sneaking in the Top 20. Does he deserve to be there? That's a question for another day.

3. Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

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    In my mind, Luke Joeckel cemented his status as the first overall pick, barring something major at the combine. The draft is so deep in the trenches, however, that another offensive tackle can make his mark and be a top pick.

    Eric Fisher looks like he will be that person. He had a great Senior Bowl and was already a first-round projection this year. It helps that he has been compared to All-Pro Joe Staley, who was also a tackle at Central Michigan.

    That pedigree combined with the tape means that a great combine would make him a Top-10 pick without question, possibly higher.

2. Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida International

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    I've already given Cyprien a glowing review in my small school studs article, and after a great Senior Bowl, others are hopping on Cyprien's bandwagon as well.

    If he can have a great combine to add onto one of the best weeks that any prospect has had so far, then he could jump into the second round.

    For that matter, if scouts and writers continue to sing his praises, he may be called the top strong safety in the draft, though it would require Matt Elam having a poor combine.

1. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

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    I was reluctant at first to put any QB on this list, since they are all going to be drafted higher than they should be, especially this year. However, that means there is the opportunity for one to quickly rise up the ranks.

    Wilson has taken that to heart, and a good Senior Bowl week means that he will shoot up mock drafts. He was all over the place on big boards a few weeks ago; I had him as the second-best QB behind Geno Smith, CBS Sports has him fourth, and I'm sure there are others still that have him ahead of Smith.

    His strong Senior Bowl performance, combined with that lack of top talent, means that not only could he be the top QB drafted in April, but who knows, maybe he will go in the top three.