Hyundai's Super Bowl Commercial "Epic Playdate" Features Flaming Lips

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If you are wondering what would constitute an epic playdate, it would have to feature the Flaming Lips playing you from breakfast out to your new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. 

I am not about to disagree. 

Let's just say that my perfect morning would closely resemble waking to a stack of pancakes a few feet high and a pile of bacon sitting in the middle of the table. 

That's how this perfect day begins for one fortunate family. 

As if this weren't enough, the son asks dear ol' dad what they are all up to that day, only to reveal The Flaming Lips, who provide the soundtrack for this family. 

Things could be worse. 

The family then has a Ferris Bueller kind of experience, ditching a biker gang who the little girl sees as bogeys, and then getting the best of a bumbling security guard. 

I know my weekends usually involve chores and trips to Bed Bath and Beyond, but only if there is time. So perhaps I need to look into a Hyundai. 

This will no doubt be one of the more well-received Super Bowl commercials. It would be hard not to please a living room full of adults chowing down on guacamole with an ad full of Flaming Lips tunes and visuals that are in keeping with their sensibilities. 

It's crazy and wacky, but in the best way. 

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