John Cena Is the Stalest Superstar on the WWE Roster

SMGAnalyst IIJanuary 31, 2013

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John Cena is one of the most accomplished Superstars in WWE, but his character and gimmick make him the stalest Superstar.

Many call him “SuperCena” because of his lack of selling moves by opponents and “Hulking up” like Hogan used to do. However, it is his never-give-up, kid-friendly character that makes him in need of a image makeover.

If one is going to refer to Cena as the stalest Superstar, then that says something about the rest of the roster. Brodus Clay began his career on NXT as a monster heel, but shook things up by becoming the Funkasaurus.

If you consider other top stars in WWE, John Cena is much staler. While Randy Orton’s character hasn’t changed much, he did make a number of adjustments when he turned face. He no longer uses the punt, but that could also be because it was supposedly banned. In either case, he has stayed away from heelish tactics since becoming a fan favorite.

CM Punk is another top Superstar who has been able to keep his gimmick and character fresh over the years. As a heel, he has demanded respect or played the straight-edge savior card. As a face, he demanded change for the WWE fans. Punk has been a heel on two separate occasions and was able to avoid repeating the same character and gimmick.

Even Sheamus was able to change his character and gimmick when he became a fan favorite. Some fans may not like it, or think he is becoming yet another “SuperCena,” but at least he made adjustments.

So does this mean John Cena needs to turn heel in order to keep his character fresh?

Unfortunately, this may not be an option. Fortunately for him, it’s not his fault.

During the Attitude Era in WWE, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin took turns as top babyface and heel of the company. When each one was a babyface, he was extremely charismatic and funny with the crowd in the palm of his hands. As a heel, each was the most hated Superstar who aligned himself with another top heel, Mr. McMahon.

The issue that John Cena has is that there is no one else to take his place as the top babyface of WWE.

CM Punk was close during his 400-plus day as WWE champion, but the ratings didn’t argue that he could take Cena’s place. No one sells tickets, or makes as many Make-A-Wish contributions as John Cena.

Sheamus’s babyface turn also didn’t bring WWE the ratings they wanted. Nor did the crowd get behind Sheamus the way they did Cena or even Punk.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were able to switch places time and time again because both sold tickets and had the crowds completely behind them.

In order for John Cena to be able to change his character or gimmick, there has to be someone to take his place. That Superstar doesn’t need to do the same corny things like Sheamus tries to do. However, the Superstar does need to sell tickets and be as popular as John Cena.

The day WWE finds that Superstar, we may finally see the much-anticipated heel turn of John Cena.

Finding someone who can sell and market the way John Cena does is something WWE is going to need to do. Eventually, there will be no John Cena in WWE.

Then what is WWE going to do?


Is John Cena the stalest Superstar in WWE? Why or why not?

Who can be The Rock to his Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Please leave your ideas, comments and thoughts in the section below.





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