2008 NBA Draft

Chris IrvinCorrespondent IApril 6, 2017

The day of the 2008 NBA Draft is approaching.  The tension is building and it keeps getting more and more exciting every day. And it's only March

Of course, the draft depends on who will enter it. 

Rumors are circulating that Michael Beasley is going to be entering, which is no surprise.  There are many good looking freshman that could enter the draft to go along with Beasley, such as O.J. Mayo, Kevin Love, Jerrod Bayless, Derrick Rose, and Blake Griffin. 

Seeing names like this will make teams want to jump towards those top ten picks, being that there are seven freshman projected to go in the top ten if all enter. 

Here are some names that should make the late first round and second round of the draft very exciting. 

DJ Augustin is projected to go 17th according to NBADraft.net with Darrell Arthur at number 19. 

Guys like Roy Hibbert, Joey Dorsey and DJ White are expected to go 23rd, 28th, and 29th respectively.

Kansas guard Brandon Rush, who almost left for the draft last year, is expected to go 35th.  Memphis guard Chris Douglas-Roberts is expected to go 38.  It's odd how names like these will be considered draft sleepers.

And finally there is also DeMarcus Nelson, Sean Singletary, and James Gist who are expected to go 54th, 55th, and 58th respectively.

I think that names like these will give fans reason to keep the TV on after the top ten picks are announced.