Super Bowl Snacks: Delicious Dishes That Will Make Your Party Shine

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistFebruary 1, 2013


The Super Bowl wouldn't be so wildly popular without the parties that go along with it. They take the season's biggest football game and make it an event that even people that haven't watched all season can enjoy. And what's a party without snacks?

It's important to have a wide variety of options, which includes everything from the basics like chips to more involved dishes that will certainly get devoured during halftime. Ultimately, the more food that's available the better.

Let's take a glance at a couple staples that every party should have for Super Sunday as the Baltimore Ravens battle the San Francisco 49ers.


Chips and Dip

No Super Bowl party is complete without chips and dip. It's the first thing most people go for when they walk in the door. And the countless different varieties and combinations make it one dish that really can't miss.

In an era where there are millions of recipes floating around the web, it's easy for something simple like chips and dip to get left out when planning a Super Bowl bash. But it's always a good addition and that can't be overlooked.

If you want to add your own angle on it by creating some unique dips, that can liven it up. Just don't leave out chips and dip altogether.


Chicken Wings

As a Buffalo native, I consider myself a connoisseur of chicken wings. With all due respect to the national chains that sell them, you've never really had the best wings until you visit Anchor Bar or Duff's in the Queen City.

While not everybody will be able to enjoy those terrific wings during the big game, they should still be a part of the menu on Sunday. Whether you buy them at the store and prepare them yourself or get them delivered, they are crucial.

Again, it's another food that can be altered with different sauces to keep everybody happy. In my opinion, the hotter the sauce, the better.



The final staple for every Super Bowl part is sliders. Hamburgers or cheeseburgers aren't as common because people are looking for something quick and easy. Finger foods reign supreme and that's why sliders are the way to go.

Whether you go with basic beef sliders and let people add their own toppings—keeping with the theme of personal preference—or try to spice things up, it makes for the perfect main dish. Something simple that will appease most people.

If the party has all three of these items, you can do some more unique things in terms of desserts and other snacks. Just don't forget the staples.