Eli Manning Serenaded by Freestyle Love Supreme Rap on Super Bowl SportsNation

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 31, 2013

Eli Manning sat on a pedestal and welcomed a warm serenade from rap group Freestyle Love Supreme on a special SportsNation

The NY Giants star quarterback was in especially awkward form as he received what was the polar opposite of a roast during SportsNation's "Halftime Show."

It was pretty much three-minutes of gushing over the two-time Super Bowl MVP—and it was awesome. 

I am not one for the usual fawning over an athlete, but some of these rhymes were hilarious and had me smiling, and then subsequently angry I was caught up for something so adorably decadent. 

The cheese factor was definitely there, but I hardly cared. 

Manning is back in New Orleans, where he was born, to take in the sights and sounds of the Super Bowl. For the moment, the sounds were some epic beat-boxing and freestyle rapping that stayed on point until the third and last rapper took the mic. 

MC number one is my favorite: "They say the Patriots couldn't be beat. Eli did it twice. How is that for elite." Boom sauce, and drop the mic. 

The crowd seems to eat it all up, even a pair of Niners fanatics (2:06 mark) who can't help but smile along with the Eli Manning love fest that is taking place. 

I didn't know the Super Bowl coverage would include what was really just a "Hug the resident Manning moment."

Still, this is what the pre-Super Bowl ambiance is all about. Every single fan is in a good mood, because every single fan hasn't lost yet. 


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