Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd Prepare for the Big Game in Samsung's Super Bowl Ad

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Shhh! You can’t say “Super Bowl.”

At least not in Samsung’s new commercial featuring actors Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Bob Odenkirk, that is.

The minute-long spot shows Rogen and Rudd playing the role of advertisers brainstorming ideas and trying to come up with a big new Samsung commercial for the Super Bowl.

Only hitch is, they can’t actually use the word “Super Bowl.”

Their boss (Bob Odenkirk) claims that the term is trademarked, as well as the terms “Ravens” and “49ers.” If they use those words during the Samsung spot, they could sued by “everybody” or “nobody.”

Right? Right.

So the three ad men start spit-balling ideas for how to get their message across without actually saying the name of the game or the teams involved. 

And that’s when things start getting weird. And bilingual.

After a bit of deliberation, they decide the 49ers will be dubbed the “San Francisco 50-minus-1ers,” and the Ravens will become “The Baltimore...Black Birds?”

And for the big game, well, that they’re obviously going to call “El Plato Supereme,” meaning “the big plate.” Sounds like a Mexican dish.

So get excited, America. “El Plato Supreme” sponsored by Samsung is coming your way.

I just hope Samsung does another ad renaming the Puppy Bowl something like #ChupacabraBowl.

Because people like hashtags.

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