Gerald Wallace Rips Brooklyn: 'Typical Nets Basketball, We Don't Play Together'

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistJanuary 31, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets have lost three of their last four games, and Gerald Wallace is disgusted.

Per Mike Mazzeo of, Wallace didn't attempt to hide his displeasure after the Nets dropped their 13th consecutive game to the Miami Heat (0-3 this season):

"Typical Nets basketball," Wallace said of the third. "We don't play together. Careless turnovers. We don't execute offensively. And defensively, we don't do anything. We don't defend. We don't guard the ball. We don't help each other out. It's the same story as it's been all season."

As brutal as Wallace's sentiments may be, he has a valid point. In Miami's three victories over Brooklyn this season, it has won by an average of 21 points.

And as Wallace points out, that margin of victory doesn't bode well for the Nets' championship aspirations:

It's disappointing, because in any sport you measure yourself against the champions, and they're the champions, and they've embarrassed us all three times. What does that say for us as a team trying to be a championship team?

To answer Wallace's question: Not much.

Brooklyn is 6-17 against opponents above .500 this season, a showing that's hardly indicative of a playoff-caliber team, let alone a championship one. And the 100-plus points it has allowed in three of its last four games (all losses) doesn't justify its identity as a defensive juggernaut.


Internal critiques can often be misconstrued as griping, but Wallace was merely venting—while speaking the truth.

Chalking the Nets' most recent loss up to the added motivation Reggie Evans provided LeBron James may seem logical, but that's merely an excuse. And the Nets have officially run out of excuses.

"I really don't know what's wrong," Wallace said.

That he could even admit that suggests Brooklyn's struggles are approaching a point beyond repair.


*All stats used in this article were compiled from Basketball-Reference, Synergy Sports and, unless otherwise noted.