Paul Bearer Says He Will Not Mind If Undertaker Decides to Skip WrestleMania

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IJanuary 30, 2013

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If the Undertaker does not make it to WrestleMania 29 this year, many within the WWE Universe will be upset.

Do not count Paul Bearer among them.

Bearer tells’s Wade Keller that after more than two decades, Undertaker deserves an opportunity to rest his body and enjoy his family:

He's one of my dear friends; we still stay in contact. He's very, very happy at this point in his life. He's paid his dues, he just built a new home, he just had a brand-new baby girl, he has a beautiful wife, and not to mention his other children. He has a chance to be a normal person for a change, you know. reported Wednesday that the current physical condition of the Undertaker has raised some concerns at WWE Headquarters that he may not be ready to go for WrestleMania 29. If that is the case, then this would be the first time since 2000 that the Deadman would not be on the roster.

On last month’s Slammy Awards edition of Raw, Triple H proclaimed that we had not seen the last of Undertaker in WWE. Many within the WWE Universe took that to confirm that the Deadman would appear at WrestleMania 29 to reportedly face CM Punk.

Bearer says in the interview that he did not see it that way:

My favorite wrestler for the past 20 years has been off for a year, and he deserves time off. My God, that man has carried that company on his back for years...I just don't 100 percent agree with the fact that Hunter stated that Undertaker is returning at WrestleMania 29. Because he didn't say that.

Bearer, a longtime wrestling personality who used to go by the name Percy Pringle, has been affiliated with the Undertaker since Bearer debuted in WWE in 1990. He later added the character Kane to his fold.

Bearer is known for his ghostly appearance, his high-pitched voice and the fact that he carries an urn around with him. Since 2010, he has made sporadic appearances in WWE.

Ironically, Bearer—real name: Bill Moody—is a licensed funeral director and embalmer.

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