The Road Ahead for the Toronto Maple Leafs

AJ JarnickiCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2008

So, the Leafs missed the playoffs. So what else is new? The management of my favourite team sucks, and they give no-trade clauses away like they are Christmas presents. What needs to happen next? Well, someone else needs to buy the team. The Pension Plan doesn't know what they are doing. I do not know exactly who should buy the team, but it should be someone who knows hockey.

Also, Richard Peddie needs to go. He is wrecking the team. A friend of mine calls him Dick Peddie. I'd say that is pretty accurate. To replace him should be someone who is seasoned and has made good moves before. A guy like Scotty Bowman is out there and he should be named President. He has a lot of Stanley Cups. If anyone could clue me in to how many he actually has, that would be nice. I think he would have been President or GM, if he was allowed to bring in his own coach. MLS and E didn't allow it, so he walked away. That's intolerable. Scotty Bowman would have hired a really good coach. I think greatness hires greatness.

Also, the man who should be named GM is John Muckler. I don't care if he is the former GM of the Ottawa Senators, he has built the team into what it is today, even though I hate it. Those two guys I believe would make some really good moves that could turn around the franchise in maybe 4 to 5 years? Maybe? The moves they should make are resign Stajan. He proved at the end of the year he is a good player showing flashes of his greatness for Belleville. Give him another year or two, he will a good two-way player for the Leafs if they keep him. With Wellwood, it depends on the money he wants. If the asking price is more than 2 million, let him go. He doesn't seem to do much for the Leafs anyway. Antropov, after this year, the only thing I would trade him for is either a 2nd round pick or a young player who scored around 20 goals this year. I'd take Colby Armstrong, he seems like a young guy who will be good later on. Mats Sundin needs to be resigned. This is the most important thing they can do, other than picking in the draft.

However, Mats needs to have no no-trade clause. Toronto needs to get something for him. He is 37, almost ready to retire. We need a 20 year old Mats Sundin to captain this team, or at least to "futurely" captain the team. This draft is so deep. The Leafs can pick anywhere in the top ten this year, and they have a surefire good player. Cody Hodgson, Zach Bogosian, Kyle Beach and Luke Schenn are all likely players the Leafs will pick. Hodgson might be a bit too far up, but I'll settle for Beach, Bogosian and Schenn. They need defense, and Luke Schenn is one that I'd love. Team Canada man, he'll be good. Mark my words.