Dean Ambrose Will Be the Next Great WWE Superstar

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 31, 2013

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There's something not quite right with Dean Ambrose. He's got a violent past in wrestling. When he fights, he does whatever he can to hurt the other guy, including hurting himself. He doesn’t move or act like anyone else on the roster. 

He's everything the WWE needs and unlike anything its ever had. And this is what will make him the next great WWE Superstar.

“When there's a hornet's nest buzzing, I’ve got to poke it. I like violence. I like danger. I live life to feel alive," Ambrose said on

Born Jonathon Good, Ambrose is a hardcore legend waiting to explode on the WWE. His association with The Shield has given him the chance to step up to the main roster and not get lost in the revolving door of talent.  

Prior to joining WWE, Ambrose was wrestling as Jon Moxley. Between 2004 and 2011, he wrestled for Heartland Wrestling Association, Insanity Pro Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA, Combat Zone Wrestling and a few other promotions.

In 2009, Ambrose competed in CZM’s Tournament of Death. The event is an ultra-violent outing where not getting cut open is unusual.

In all these different independents, Ambrose left a trail of bodies in one violent match after another. Along the way, he racked up many titles. Among those were eight heavyweight championships and seven tag team titles.

One of the things that made him stand out along the way was his style of wrestling.

Watching Ambrose wrestle on the independent scene was like watching a controlled car wreck. It was chaotic the way he would hurl himself at his opponent, leveling blows that smacked off their bodies or whipped their heads from side to side.

Much like Mick Foley, Ambrose has never been afraid to use his body as a weapon. He would absorb punishment to try to inflict an equal amount upon the guy standing across the ring from him.

Fans of the main roster who don't watch NXT have only been treated to one Ambrose match. That lone bout occurred at TLC, when The Shield squared off against Team Hell No and Ryback. The match was a cluster of bodies, broken tables and busted egos.

It was a small glimpse into what Ambrose would be capable of doing on WWE's a main roster.

But a third element to Ambrose is also shaping him. In an organization known just as much for entertainment as pure wrestling, his look makes him stand out.

Not his head-to-toe black attire. Other wrestlers have worn black before him. It's the crazed look in his eye when he's in the ring, the slight tilting of the head as if something isn't quite right upstairs. He paces in the ring, his hands twitch and his face twists in unflattering ways.

He's not one ounce of what a WWE Superstar typically looks and acts like. But that's what makes him great for Vince McMahon and company.

The company has been in the midst of a long, slow transition, where big muscle men are no longer the norm. Guys like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler are all excelling.

Ambrose fits in with the "regular" guys in this regard. He's equally engaging in entertaining fans with his out-there antics and drawing them in with his willingness to brawl. 

But Ambrose also sets himself apart from the others with his mannerisms and the way he sacrifices his body. He's different. When he's in the ring, he gives off the impression that he's out of control. 

That is what keeps people talking long after the match is over and what will make Ambrose the next great WWE Superstar.