What Did the Stars of Super Bowl XLVII Look Like as Youngsters?

Gary Davenport@@IDPSharksNFL AnalystJanuary 30, 2013

What Did the Stars of Super Bowl XLVII Look Like as Youngsters?

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    The eyes of the world have turned to New Orleans as the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers prepare to duel for the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVII.

    One of the most talked-about subplots of the game has been the battle between brothers. John and Jim Harbaugh are the first siblings to coach against one another in the Super Bowl, and much has been made of their childhood in the lead-up to the game.

    Every player and coach in the game was a kid at some point, so here's a trip down memory lane to take a look at what some of the Super Bowl's biggest names looked like before they could vote.

John and Jim Harbaugh

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    As I said, much has been made this week of life in the Harbaugh household.

    Growing up as a coach's son in Michigan, athletics were a big part of young Jim and John's lives. That included youth hockey, apparently.

    Keep those sticks down, kids.

Colin Kaepernick

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    This photo of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has traveled all over the web along with his fourth-grade letter in which he predicted that he would "go to a good college, [and] then go to the pros and play on the Niners or Packers even if they aren't good in seven years."

    Gotta love the haircut.

Joe Flacco

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    After his fantastic playoff performance this year, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is set to reap a windfall that could pay him in excess of $20 million a year.

    Flacco will probably use some of that money to destroy every remaining copy of this high school photo, in which he looks eerily similar to Bert from Sesame Street.

Michael Oher

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    By now, most have likely heard the touching story of Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher, especially after his story was made into a hit movie that won Sandra Bullock an Oscar.

    For all the trials that Oher endured—and overcame—as a child, he's all smiles here.

    Maybe he's thinking about that Super Bowl he would one day play in.

Vernon Davis

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    Much like with the Harbaugh family, the NFL is a family affair for the Davis clan.

    Both Vernon (left) and Vontae (right) make a living by playing professional football—the elder Davis boy as a tight end for the San Francisco 49ers.

    That must have made for some interesting games of backyard football. 

Joe Staley

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    San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley has been making his parents proud for years, first as a star tight end at Rockford High School in Rockford, Mich., and then as an offensive tackle at Central Michigan.

    Now, Staley is a Pro Bowl lineman playing in the biggest game of his life. As Peter Wallner of the Detroit Free Press reports, Butch and Jan Staley will be on hand at the Superdome to watch.

Randy Moss

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    San Francisco 49ers wideout Randy Moss made waves at Super Bowl media day on Tuesday when he proclaimed, "I really think I'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game."

    Back in the mid-'90s, Moss was making waving at DuPont High School in Rand, W. Va., where he excelled in football, basketball, baseball and track.

    And yearbook pictures. 

Ed Reed

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    Ravens safety Ed Reed has become one of the most intimidating defensive players in the NFL—a standout defensive back who one day will be enshrined in Canton.

    That was all just a dream back at Destrehan High School in Destrehan, La., where Reed was already practicing his mean mug with this photographer.

Terrell Suggs

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    Linebacker Terrell Suggs is one of the most feared players in the NFL, but the Baltimore Ravens star used to try to keep from getting hit as opposed to doing the hitting.

    Back in his days at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Ariz., Suggs was a standout running back. His 367 yards against Yuma Kofa in 1999 was a 5A state record for rushing yards in a game that stood for nearly a decade.

Ray Lewis

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    You know, it feels like there's something missing from this photo of linebacker Ray Lewis from Kathleen High School in Lakeland, Fla.

    Oh yeah. The eye black. And the tears. And the deer-antler spray.

    Sorry. Too soon?