20 Athletes Who Could Be the Next Rob Gronkowski

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 31, 2013

20 Athletes Who Could Be the Next Rob Gronkowski

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    If you're a sports fan, you know exactly who Gronk is.

    It's not an imaginary troll that hides in gardens.

    It's not someone who's shy or bashful.

    And it's definitely not someone who doesn't love to have a little fun.

    Although the Pats didn't make it to the Super Bowl, we still have to give our main man Rob Gronkowski some face time, so we're tossing out our predictions on who the next Gronk might be.

Iouri "iPod" Podladtchikov

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    We have a good feeling that this Russian snowboarder, at 24, knows how to throw down.


    Russians love vodka, and he's in a sport in which you've got to be a little crazy to even compete.

    Sounds like a perfect match to us!

Alex Ovechkin

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    Speaking of Russians who love to drink, here's Ovi!

    His partying ways are no secret, and though he's been around for awhile, we couldn't help but put him on this list because he's still only 27, so it's not like he's got gray hair or anything.

    He might not be the next Gronk, but he's definitely on his level.

Brian Cushing

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    If you're looking for a bro, Cushing's your guy.

    And though most of us probably don't recognize the Texans LB in this picture from high school showing off his strength by dead-lifting a keg, the fact that he uses his empties as a way to get stronger is very Gronkesque.

Russell Westbrook

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    Westbrook is already a star, but we're waiting to see what happens if/when the Thunder finally get over the hump and win a title.

    We have a good feeling Russ won't be shy about being in the limelight and using his outlandish style to show everyone how to have a good time.

    Hell, he's already taken some heat for it.

Tyler Seguin

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    Seguin was only 19 when his Bruins lifted Lord Stanley's cup a couple years ago. So how'd he go out to celebrate?

    Like any other human being would: by getting absolutely canned.

    We wonder if he and Gronk, living in Boston, haven't already taken over some bars together.

Blake Griffin

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    Griffin is slowly becoming the NBA's go-to ad guy.

    He lives in L.A. and obviously connects with the younger generation who like explosive dunks and uptempo ball.

    Blake might not be as extreme as Gronk is, but don't let the cool-guy 'tude fool you: he's got some partying in him.

Dallas Braden

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    Just listen to this interview Braden did when asked about the finger mustache tat he got, and you'll understand why he makes our list.

    If frat boy humor is your thing, then we'd advise you to follow Dallas on twitter to get your fill.

Marshall Henderson

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    If there's one guy in whom we see great potential, it's Henderson.

    1) He's got an easy name to remember.

    2) That name is easy for nicknames, like "He's the Marshall around this town."

    3) He's not shy about showing how passionate he is about winning, as evidenced by his confrontation with his coach and tossing ice at a fan.

    Keep an eye on this one.

Colin Kaepernick

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    Kaep makes the list because of the success he could see following a Super Bowl victory this weekend.

    He's already an overnight star, so watch for him to absolutely blow up if he leads the Niners to a title. Not literally, though—that'd just be sick.

Milan Lucic

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    Maybe there's something in the water in Beantown—besides just tea (get it?).

    Just like young teammates Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand, Lucic throws down like it's his day job when he's not playing hockey.

    Using the Stanley Cup as his personal pimp cup is quite the statement—especially when it's in the city that just lost out on winning it, hockey-crazed Vancouver.

Andrew Bynum

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    We're not sure what it is about Drew, but he just seems to us like he's always got something up his sleeve—and judging by that hairdo, he does!

    Once he's healthy in Philly, pulling stunts like making appearances at frat parties (again) should be expected from him, not just a spur-of-the-moment-type deal.

Rickie Fowler

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    Rickie's definitely a bro, but because he's a golfer, we worry that he'll never really let loose the way Gronk does.

    Fowler might be the type of guy who rolls thick with buddies and takes a couple shots, but stays reserved while talking to folks.

    Then again, maybe he's just waiting to capture a major before unleashing this beast.

Ryan Lochte

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    Sorry, we just had to.

    His partying ways in London during the Olympics are already legendary, and though most dudes can't stand him, there's no denying he knows how to have a good time.

    Lochte's more of a finesse bro than Gronk's meathead bro, but they both work.

Patrick Kane

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    If there's one guy we compare with on this list, it's Kane.

    A fun, obnoxious drunk who likes to make sure everyone's having a good time, it's easy to see why he's never sorry for partying.

    His Cinco de Mayo escapades probably weren't a once-in-a-blue-moon stunt for him.

Logan Morrison

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    One thing that any potential Gronk protege must have is a sense of humor. And since that's a big requirement, LoMo's one of the greatest candidates to overtake Gronk's shenanigans.

    When a pro baseball player interacts with fans on Twitter about being Eskimo brothers, he clearly has no shame about his sexual conquests.

    And as we all know, neither does Gronk!

Brad Marchand

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    We've already mentioned Marchand's Bruins teammates Tyler Seguin and Milan Lucic, so we'd be remiss not to invite the third amigo to the fiesta.

    When a guy parties by double-fisting without a shirt and wearing a fedora, we'd say he's already on Gronk's level.

    Even better, when he admits to being too drunk to be interviewed for something, he's on his way to the raging Hall of Fame.

Mario Balotelli

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    Balotelli is one of the most outrageous athletes going right now.

    Some of his stories about going out makes even your craziest night look like a walk in the park, so he can't be forgotten as an heir-apparent to Gronk.

    Now that he's back playing in his home country of Italy for AC Milan, we're expecting some more memorable moments from him—both on and off the field.

Bryce Harper

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    Come on! As if Harper wouldn't be this high on the list?

    It's clear he knows how to have fun, and he's already a star in the game.

    As he's just 19 years old, we can only imagine the types of stories we'll get for the next 20 years or so throughout his career. 

    We definitely can't wait to hear them.

Aldon Smith

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    As is the case with his teammate Colin Kaepernick, we're basing this off of what might happen should the Niners win the Super Bowl.

    Smith's a rising star in the league, and he's already stirred up some controversy by partying, so why wouldn't he keep it going?

    Like Gronk, he's a beast who doesn't take himself too seriously. So come on, Aldon—don't let us down!

Johnny Manziel

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    He may be entering only his sophomore year at A&M, but we've seen what the Heisman Trophy-winning QB is capable of.

    Making the rounds on talk shows and in VIP areas, Manziel has rubbed elbows with some of the hotter ladies in show biz, while going HAM at clubs everywhere.

    His nickname may be "Johnny Football," but he might consider changing it to "Johnny College," because he's definitely on the right path to being the coed champ!