Debate: Should the Miami Heat Sign Greg Oden?

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Debate: Should the Miami Heat Sign Greg Oden?
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With the Heat and Cavs in the lead to land the former number 1 overall pick, do you think Miami should take a chance and sign the injury-plagued big man?


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Definetly. Who else are they going to play against big guys? Especially if Bosh gets injured or something. Birdman could play but i see him more as pf...
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Yes, Why? Simple the Miami Heat is a good team with the LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. They are a solid team so with that in mind Greg Ode...
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I think if Greg Oden can stay healthy...and play 20-25 mins a night in order to stay that way...the Heat will reign supreme in the East for yrs to com...
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Greg Oden could really help the heat in the post. He is a big wall that can intimidate any player. He just needs to stay healthy. Starting Lineup: PG...
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What if he turns out to be better than that? What if all those time off made him hungrier? Made him want to redeem himself as Round 1 Pick 1? Remember...
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