Katherine Webb Would Marry AJ McCarron According to Interview with Ryan Seacrest

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 30, 2013

Photo Credit: Yardbarker
Photo Credit: Yardbarker

Well, at least we know Katherine Webb still remembers the name of her boyfriend, A.J. McCarron. 

The lovely lady who shot out of the cannon of obscurity and landed comfortably into a netting of fame was featured on On Air with Ryan Seacrest

A tip of the hat to Yardbarker for catching the segment, including the doozy of an expectation coming from the Alabama lovely, who was at the Super Bowl's media day for Inside Edition recently. 

During the radio segment, she delved into much of what we already know: She will feature in a new reality TV show and pretty much passed on Dancing with the Stars because of her commitment to Splash

Speaking of commitment, Webb pretty much let it all out there with Ryan Seacrest when Ellen K. asked her about marriage:

Yeah absolutely. It’s kind of funny because I’ve dated in LA and I’ve kind of like seen how Hollywood works. But when you find yourself with someone that you really can see yourself with, like, you know it. I knew in the first two weeks that we were going to be together for a long time. Love kind of takes over and you start talking about the future. So yeah, it’s definitely something that I want. I don’t see all of this fame — or whatever it is — kind of affecting how I feel toward AJ.

Yikes, A.J., it seems like we have a Stage 3 clinger on our hands. 

In all honesty, Webb answered how one might when posed with the very blunt question, especially considering all the rumors that McCarron is jealous of her fame—rumors she continues to dispel. 

Still, this is a rather remarkable statement considering the two have only been dating since December, per the report. 

She really could have gone with the oft-used, "We are just going to take our relationship day-by-day and...blah, blah." Instead, she pretty much has McCarron back home doing one of two things: pacing the house, drenched in sweat and looking for a rock to hide under; or pacing the house, drenched in sweat and looking for a ring to buy. 

Oh, Webb also managed to bring to light some other startling news in that her appearance on TV at the BCS Championship Game was hardly an improvised decision:

AJ knows Brent Musburger personally. AJ told me not even a week ago — like freaking three weeks after it happened — that Brent Musburger had actually come up to AJ and was like, "So, is your girlfriend going to be here? Because I think we’re probably going to show her on television." (McCarron said) "She’ll probably be sitting with my mom." I was like, "AJ, why are you just now telling me this?"

If Mussy-Mus already knew he would be bantering on about Webb, surely he could have thought about something more clever than what was the verbal equivalent of kissy noises. 

Now, someone please give McCarron a hug, because he may be freaking out at the moment, as his girlfriend of a couple months is already talking about marriage. 

Lock it down, big man. 


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