Davin Bellamy Decommits from Florida State: Which SEC Team Now Leads for 4-Star?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 30, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Four-star defensive end Davin Bellamy has decommitted from Florida State.

For those keeping track, this is the Seminoles' second decommitment this week. Bellamy joins four-star offensive tackle Austin Golson, who decommitted on Monday.

Kipp Adams of ESPN.com reports on the decommitment:

Late Tuesday, Bellamy announced his decision to decommit from Florida State, where he had been committed since last August. 

“I felt like I did not need any more on my plate, because I already have a tough decision,” Bellamy said. “I think we mutually parted ways some time ago, because I could not build that same relationship like I had with Dameyune Craig. It just got to a point where I did not want Florida State to not be able to go out and find another defensive end.” 

Adams then reported that Bellamy is heading to Oregon for an official visit right before national signing day.

While this could potentially be a huge visit for new head coach Mark Helfrich and the Ducks, they shouldn't get their hopes up just yet. There's one school that seems to have the clear advantage for Bellamy now that he has decommitted, per Adams:

While his decision seems a little more difficult to make, Bellamy still maintains a sole leader for his signature, which he named after an official visit to Georgia over the weekend. 

“Nothing has changed, and Georgia is still in the lead,” Bellamy said. “The only thing holding me back from going to Georgia is trust. The more we converse, the more trust we build. There are rumors that Todd Grantham is going to leave after signing day, and if that happened, that would be devastating.” 

The Bulldogs are clearly in the lead for Bellamy after his decommitment from the Seminoles, and at this point, he seems like Mark Richt's recruit to lose. It's going to come down to convincing him that Gratham isn't going anywhere after signing day, and really that just entails communication and honesty in the days and hours leading up to national signing day (Feb. 6).

With that said, there is one other program that could make things very interesting. Here's what Bellamy had to say about Tennessee, according to Michael Carvell of ajc.com:

“UGA is still my leader, but one thing I must say is that Tennessee is right behind them … right behind them,” Bellamy said. “I mean, it’s hand in hand. It’s tough right now.”

This looks like it could come down to the wire for Bellamy, and there's also that upcoming visit to Oregon to factor in. Having the lead for the recruit just days before national signing day is huge for the Bulldogs though, and all they have to do is essentially hang on to said lead at this point.

The good news is, he had some great things to say about a recent dinner he had with Richt, Grantham and Bryan McClendon (per Carvell), and it is very important to note that the four-star recruit is from Atlanta, Ga. The Bulldogs have a notable "home-state advantage", and that could end up being a huge factor this late into the recruiting process.

All signs point to Georgia right now.

Of course that could change very quickly, especially if Oregon has something to say about it, but the impression that I'm getting from Bellamy's quotes is that his decision wont come down to hype, X's and O's or even football.

It's going to come down to personal connection with a program, and Georgia has undoubtedly established that connection.

With a week left until Bellamy has to make an official decision, all the Bulldogs have to do is run out the clock, punt it away and play some great prevent defense on Oregon and specifically Tennessee.

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