Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Kate Upton Stars in Humorous Mercedes-Benz Ad

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Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Kate Upton Stars in Humorous Mercedes-Benz Ad
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Mercedes-Benz is turning up the heat for its Super Bowl XLVII advertisement for the all-new CLA, using world famous model Kate Upton to showcase the new ride.

The full length commercial, which runs about a minute and a half, features Upton posing and blowing suds off her hand while a group of distracted jocks wash the car.

Check it out:

Funny isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Kate Upton, but in this case all the 20-year-old beauty has to do is stand in the breeze (in slow motion, of course) to generate some laughs.

There isn't even a need for a narrator.

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Men and women will both get a kick out of this ad. Men will be glued to the screen while female viewers will no doubt appreciate and get a chuckle out of Upton's powerful hold over the car-washing jocks. What adds to the humor is the fact that Upton is wearing an ordinary outfit, instead of some scandalous two-piece bikini.

Clearly, Mercedes-Benz is trying to create a comparison between Upton's subtle beauty and that of the new CLA

Overall, the ad is well done. It's not aiming for cheap, slapstick humor nor is it trying to be over-the-top sexy. Instead, what we get is a look at one of the planet's most gorgeous women in a commercial that is anything but shameless.

Mercedes-Benz may not be the most affordable form of transportation, but it's certainly one of the most luxurious. And one would have to believe that Mercedes-Benz will gather some interest in its products with this humorous Super Bowl ad.

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