The NBA Mount Rushmore

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMarch 28, 2008


I was thinking about ideas for articles, so I came up with this. If I were to make a Mount Rushmore for a sport, in this case basketball and the NBA, who would be on it?
I came up with this.
First of all,  Michael Jordan is a no-doubt lock for the NBA Mount Rushmore. He has 6 rings, multiple awards, and was the best player in the NBA for nearly a decade. Also, he raised the popularity of the NBA through his endorsements. To see how important he was to the NBA, look at how hard it was to adjust to a post-MJ league. 

Another great player who should be there is Earvin "Magic" Johnson. He was the key to Lakers dominance of the '80s. He could play anywhere from point guard to center. He had unbelievable court vision, and could make almost impossible passes. He almost handled himself with class and dignity, while helping others and himself fight HIV.

To make that great Lakers-Celtics rivalry of the '80s, the Celtics had Larry Bird. He definitely deserves to be on the NBA Mount Rushmore for what he did for the Celtics, and how he transcended the NBA, while boosting the league's popularity. The Bird-Magic rivalry made basketball great in the '80s. Bird could shoot the lights out, and had many clutch moments.

To round out the group, I would select Red Auerbach. He build the Celtics dynasty in the '60s, making the organization great. He laid the foundation for the great history and tradition of the Celtics. Red Auerback is arguably the best NBA coach of all time.