Why WWE NXT Superstars' Debuts Have Been Successful

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Why WWE NXT Superstars' Debuts Have Been Successful

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    Since October 2012, WWE has begun to introduce fans to the newest influx of NXT Superstars.

    From Brad Maddox’s refereeing to Bo Dallas’ surprise victory over Wade Barrett, the recent debuts of NXT Superstars have been very successful.

    The original NXT that aired as a reality show did not work out, but merging WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling with NXT made perfect sense.

    Now WWE fans can watch young wrestlers develop into WWE Superstars.

    Here I will discuss each new NXT Superstar’s debut and why each was successful. In addition, I will give you some insight into what to expect from each Superstar for his future in WWE.

Brad Maddox

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    The first NXT Superstar to make his debut after the merge with FCW, Brad Maddox debuted as a WWE referee.

    Fans were given the excuse that Raw GM A.J. Lee hired more referees as a result of Raw extending to three hours.

    However, it was at WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 where we learned a lot more about Brad Maddox. He screwed Ryback out of the WWE title in a match against CM Punk.

    Basically, Brad Maddox went from an NXT Superstar to referee to being the surprise in the main event of a pay-per-view.

    Maddox’s character has not been dropped since then either. We continue to be exposed to the “Brad Maddox experience” which shows off Maddox’s charisma.

    Maddox has a great look, and his continuous association with Paul Heyman has kept him relevant despite only wrestling and losing a few matches.

    Could a midcard title be in Brad Maddox’s future?

The Shield

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    Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns’ debut was a complete shock to the WWE Universe when they attacked Ryback and cost him a WWE title match at WWE Survivor Series 2012.

    Fans of the independent circuit were already familiar with Ambrose and Rollins, who was the WWE NXT champion.

    While The Shield don’t have a very original gimmick, it has been very effective. The three new Superstars quickly headlined a pay-per-view against Ryback and Team Hell No at WWE TLC 2012.

    How many Superstars can say they headlined a pay-per-view that quickly after debuting from the developmental territory?

    In any case, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns were clearly chosen for this storyline because WWE thinks very highly of them. All three should be top stars in the WWE at some point. Rollins could be the next CM Punk, Ambrose has all the skills to be a top heel and Reigns could very well be the next Kevin Nash.

Big E Langston

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    After Seth Rollins dropped the NXT title to Big E Langston, fans were probably not expecting to see the new big man on WWE TV for a while.

    However, Langston soon debuted as the bodyguard of A.J. Lee after she turned on John Cena in favor of Dolph Ziggler.

    While Langston has yet to participate in an official match, he has been an effective bodyguard. His initial debut attacking John Cena made him look strong and a big force in WWE.

    Since then, Langston has begun to get on the mic more, which has been often entertaining. Especially when pretending to be a news journalist interviewing Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble.

    Whether he sticks with Ziggler and A.J. for a while or not, Big E has a Big F for future in the WWE.

Bo Dallas

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    The most recent NXT Superstar to debut won a tournament during the Royal Rumble fan fest to earn a spot in the Rumble match.

    This past week on Raw, Dallas once again made headlines when he scored a pinfall victory over WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett.

    This reminds me of a similar situation involving Razor Ramon and the 1-2-3 Kid. The Kid scored a surprise victory over Ramon in 1993 on an edition of Monday Night Raw.

    Sean Waltman (the 1-2-3 Kid) went on to have a successful career in both WWE and WCW. The same should be expected for Dallas who comes from a legendary family that includes Mike Rotunda, or I.R.S., as his father.

    It’s not every day that a Superstar debuts with a victory over the Intercontinental champion.


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    Brad Maddox, The Shield, Big E Langston and Bo Dallas are just the beginning of the NXT invasion in WWE.

    WWE has been extremely smart in having each NXT Superstar debut in a successful and unique way.

    Each Superstar, or group in the case of The Shield, has a different gimmick in a different situation.

    In any case, Bray Wyatt, formerly known as Husky Harris and the brother of Bo Dallas should be the next Superstar to be promoted to the main roster.

    Wyatt has a great gimmick in NXT and WWE would be wise once again to translate it well when he is promoted to the main roster.

    Do you think the NXT Superstars have been successful in their debuts with WWE? Why or why not?

    Who will be the next NXT Superstar to make his debut in WWE?

    Please leave your comments, ideas and thoughts in the section below.



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