The 35 Hottest Daughters in Sports

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterJanuary 30, 2013

The 35 Hottest Daughters in Sports

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    If your father is the architect of powerhouse collegiate football program, a Hall of Fame legend, or holds any other title that makes him either a common sports trivia answer, coveted ESPN SportsCenter "exclusive" interview—or both—then you are going to get attention.

    If the above is true and you're a lady who is easy on the eyes, you're going to get lots of attention.

    These ladies are welcome on the red carpet and sometimes grace the pages of A-List magazines like Esquire or GQ, courtesy of iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz.

    For most of us the phrase "When it rains, it pours" resonates in the most painful way. However, for these girls, it takes on a whole knew meaning.

    Already born into wealth, prestige and a rare, intimate link to a team or sport, the universe "piled on" by giving them sultry eyes, smokin' bods and sexy charisma.

    Oh the humanity!

    Since we bear the burden of not being in line to inherit a historic NFL franchise, we might as well make the best of it...and enjoy the view.

    These are the 35 hottest daughters in sports.

35. Sarahanne Trestman

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    Sarahanne Trestman is the daughter of Mark Trestman, the newly hired head coach of the Chicago Bears. 

    According to Facebook, she is a nanny and a hostess at a restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

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34. Stephanie McMahon

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    Stephanie McMahon is the daughter of Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO, and Linda McMahon, billionaire wrestling magnate and two-timed failed Republican Senate candidate in Connecticut. 

    She is a graduate of Boston University and got her career started in 1999 working for WWE. Stephanie maintained a highly visible presence with the company for over a decade but seems to have faded into the background over the last two years. 

    Stephanie has made only a handful of public appearances since 2010, and her social media presence is basically nonexistent. 

33. Kristen Saban

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    Kristen Saban is the daughter of University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban, who has won three BCS Championships in the last four years. Kristen is a sorority girl at Alabama who made headlines in 2012 after a lawsuit was filed against her by one of her sorority sisters. 

    In the lawsuit, Kristen is accused of pulling the hair and grabbing the throat of Sarah Grimes. The suit is still pending, but Grimes is seeking damages of no less than $10,000. 

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32. Gigi Meyer

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    Gigi Meyer is the daughter of former University of Florida coach Urban Meyer, who is currently the head coach at Ohio State University. Her sister Nicki also appears on this list.

    Gigi is a sophomore at Florida Gulf Coast University, where she plays volleyball. 

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31. Leigh Mayock

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    Leigh Mayock is the daughter of former NFL player Mike Mayock, who currently works as an announcer and analyst for NFL Network. 

    According to her Twitter page, Leigh is currently employed by NBC Sports and may be a contributor to Michelle Beadle's new show Crossover. 

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30. Ashley Force-Hood

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    Ashley Force Hood is the daughter of John Force, a 15-time NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car national champion.

    She was named the NHRA Rookie of the Year in 2007, the year she earned her first professional racing win and beat her father. 

    Ashley is married to Daniel Hood, who works for John Force Racing. She's been on hiatus from racing for much of the last several years and is currently expecting her second child. 

29. Rooney Mara

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    Actress Rooney Mara is the daughter of New York Giants executive Timothy Mara. She's also the granddaughter of late Giants owner Wellington Mara, and her great uncle is Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney. 

    Rooney, like her sister Kate (who appears later on this list), has forged a successful career as an actress in recent years. She parlayed guest spots on notable shows like Law & Order SVU and ER into movie roles in Youth in Revolt, The Social Network and, most notably, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. 

28. Stephanie Turner

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    Stephanie Turner is the daughter of Norv Turner, former head coach of the San Diego Chargers who was recently hired as the Cleveland Browns new offensive coordinator. 

    She was born raised (mostly) in Southern California and, after graduating from her San Diego high school, moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. 

    Stephanie has since embarked on another career in sports, founding the website, where she uses her "unique perspective" to her advantage in talking football. 

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27. Deiondra Sanders

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    Deiondra Sanders is the daughter of retired NFL player Deion Sanders, one of the preeminent sports superstars of a generation and a current on-air personality/analyst for NFL Network. 

    In recent years she has attracted attention for comments made via social media in regard to her parents' messy divorce. Deiondra has publicly sided with her father Deion, insulting and threatening her mother Pilar on several occasions in 2012. 

    In January 2013, the Bikini Basketball Association announced that Deiondra would be joining the league. It's kind of like the Lingerie Football League, only they play basketball in bikinis instead of lingerie. 

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26. Nicki Meyer

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    Nicki Meyer is the daughter of former University of Florida coach Urban Meyer, who is currently the head coach at Ohio State University. 

    Nicki is a senior at Georgia Tech, where she plays volleyball, like her sister Gigi. 

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25. Anne-Marie Morrow

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    Anne-Marie Morrow is the daughter of retired NHL player Guy Carbonneau, who played 20 seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars before retiring in 2000. 

    After a few years working the party circuit—presumably to land a husband—Anne-Marie married Dallas Stars forward Brenden Morrow in July 2002. A decade into their marriage, the couple has three children—including twins Brody and Mallory, who were born in 2008. 

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24. Lexxi Silver

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    Lexxi Silver is the daughter of retired NFL player Bernie Kosar, the former one-time Pro Bowl quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. Although that isn't the name given to her by Bernie and mother Babettte—her real name is Sara.

    Sara Kosar took on the stage name "Lexxi Silver" when she embarked on a career in hardcore pornography in 2011. Yes, she has quite the online library. And no, I'm not going to provide a link for you. 

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23. Brooke Hogan

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    Brooke Hogan is the daughter of professional wrestling legend, and amateur porn star, Hulk Hogan. She attempted to forge a singing career a few years ago, before finding her niche as a trashy reality television star. 

    Brooke appeared alongside her troubled family in the VH1 series Hogan Knows Best before landing her own spin-off, Brooke Knows Best. 

    Modeling and television opportunities seemed to have dried up for her recently, which could explain why Brooke signed on as an onscreen personality with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in May 2012.

    She remains with TNT today and her role continues to expand. 

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22. Chloe Trestman

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    Chloe Trestman is the daughter of Mark Trestman, the newly hired head coach of the Chicago Bears.

    She is a feshman at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

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21. Mariah Woodson

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    Mariah Woodson is the daughter of former NBA player Mike Woodson, who is currently the head coach of the New York Knicks. 

    Mariah is, naturally, a fan of the Knicks and currently matriculating at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. 

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20. Cassie Trammell

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    Cassie Trammell is the daughter of former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Judy Trammell, the current choreographer for DCC. Cassie is a five-year veteran of DCC and has been prominently featured on the CMT reality show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

    She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree, majoring in anthropology and journalism. Cassie has been dancing since the tender age of three, and her favorite movies are Elf and Dumb & Dumber. 

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19. Avery Schlereth

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    Avery Schlereth is the daughter of retired NFL guard Mark Schlereth, who currently works as an analyst for ESPN. She is the youngest of his two daughters—her older sister is Alexandria (who also appears on this list).

    Avery has been working as a model since the age of eight and enjoys continued success today at the age of 19. In recent years, she has also been pursuing a career in acting. 

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18. Laila Ali

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    Laila Ali is the daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

    She followed in her father's footsteps and began boxing at the age of 15. Laila boxed for eight years before retiring in 2007. She was undefeated at the time, with a perfect 24-0 record. 

    In recent years, she has appeared on reality shows such as Dancing with the Stars, American Gladiators, and Stars Earn Stripes.

    In 2012, Laila was named the co-host of ABC's Everyday Health with Survivor's Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca. 

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17. Brittny Gastineau

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    Brittny Gastineau is the daughter of Mark Gastineau, a retired NFL defensive end who played all nine years of his career for the New York Jets. 

    She's a model/socialite who co-starred with her mother Lisa in the E! Network reality show The Gastineau Girls in 2004. Brittny also appeared in Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive

    She hasn't done much of anything (career wise) in recent years, but her memorable men's mag spreads in Maxim and Stuff live on. 

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16. Alexa Flutie

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    Alexa Flutie is the daughter of Doug Flutie, the beloved diminutive NFL quarterback whose professional career stretched two decades. She has been an NFL cheerleader for the last two seasons. 

    Alexa first attracted some national attention when she was among the finalists selected to become a New England Patriots cheerleader in 2011, which was the last team her father played for. 

    Perhaps dissatisfied with those cold New England winters (and long playoff runs), Alexa hopped coasts in 2012 to shake her pom poms for the San Diego Chargers. 

15. Bruce Jenner's Many Daughters

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    The reality show juggernaut sisters Kardashian and Jenner are the stepdaughters and daughters of Bruce Jenner, a former Olympian who has been deformed by plastic surgery. 

    Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are the daughters of Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian, a defense attorney who helped get O.J. Simpson acquitted of double murder. 

    Ridiculously tall teens Kyle and Kendall are the biological daughters of Kris and Bruce Jenner—the future generation of professionally famous Kardashians. 

14. Paulina Gretzky

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    Paulina Gretzky is the daughter of Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky, Hall of Fame hockey player and one of the greatest athletes of all time. She is the eldest of the Gretzky's five children, as well as the biggest headache. 

    Paulina's sexy social media presence has been making headlines, and likely angering her father, since late 2011. She has occasionally been pursuing careers as a model and a singer, but her success has been marginal at best. 

    In late 2012 she began dating PGA star Dustin Johnson. Their romance became an international story when photos from their Hawaiian vacation in January began circulating the Internet.

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13. Angela Rypien

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    Angela Rypien is the daughter of former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien, a two-time Super Bowl winner who was the first Canadian-born QB to start in the NFL. 

    She followed in her father's footsteps, becoming a starting quarterback for the Lingerie Football League's Seattle Mist in 2011. 

    Angela was named the starting QB of the LFL's Baltimore Charm in 2012, but the season was ultimately postponed and the league is undergoing an image makeover that includes a renaming to the "Legends Football League."

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12. Amber and Angela Cope

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    Twin race car drivers Amber and Angela Cope are the daughters of Darren Cope, who started racing late-model cars with his brother Derrike in the late 70s. They are the granddaughters of Donald Cope, a retired driver who drag-raced motorcycles. 

    Their uncles Guy and Jerry are also former front-motor top-fuel drag racers. Amber and Angela are the first twins to compete in one of the top three series in NASCAR.

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11. Jordin Sparks

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    Jordin Sparks is the daughter of former NFL cornerback Phillipi Sparks, who played seven years for the New York Giants and retired in 2000. She is best know as the winner of Season 6 of Fox's American Idol and is the competition's youngest winner to date. 

    Jordin has since released three studio albums, including "No Air," the highest-selling single ever by an American Idol contestant. She has also toured with Alicia Keys, The Jonas Brothers and Brittney Spears. In 2010, she nabbed her first starring role on Broadway. 

    And in 2012, she starred in the movie Sparkle, alongside Whitney Houston, in what proved to be the late Houston's final performance. 

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10. Tracy Phillips

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    Actress Tracy Phillips is the daughter of Wade Phillips, a former college linebacker who is currently the defensive coordinator of the Houston Texans. 

    She got her start in the business starring in music videos for No Doubt, The Offspring, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Ricky Martin, among others. Tracy has played supporting rolls in a number movies and has also worked as a dancer and choreographer. 

    She is currently starring in the Harlow Gold burlesque show in Santa Monica, CA. 

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9. Rachel Bradshaw

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    Rachel Bradshaw is the daughter of Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw, who is currently a co-host on Fox NFL Sunday. While Terry has found moderate success in his acting career, daughter Rachel's passion is music. 

    She got her start singing at a young age and performed her first live show at the St. Jo Opry at age nine. Rachel has found success as a country music artist and recently became the first solo female singer/songwriter signed by Bigger Picture Group talent. 

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8. Alexandria Schlereth

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    Alexandria Schlereth joins sister Avery on this list—both are daughters of retired NFL guard Mark Schlereth, who currently works as an analyst for ESPN. Alexandria followed her father's footsteps into the sports world and currently hosts BarFly, a show on Fox Sports. 

    Alex knew in her early teens that she wanted to pursue a career in entertainment—she has been acting intermittently since 2006. She also works occasionally as a model and a part-time spokesperson for Hard Ninety gear. 

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7. Alyonka Larionov

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    Alyonka Larionov is the daughter of Russian hockey player Igor Larinov, who retired from the NHL in 2004 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008. She has been chasing fame for quite a while now—she auditioned for Fox's reality hit American Idol in 2008 and made it to the second round. 

    That was also the same year Alyonka was rumored to be dating Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin. 

    After years as a headline-grabbing party girl, she finally landed a steady job in September 2012. Alyonka is currently doing in-house production for the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center—producing and starring in videos. 

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6. Gina Carano

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    Gina Carano is the daughter of Glenn Carano, a retired NFL player who backed up Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Danny White. She was an MMA fighter who competed for ProElite and later Strikeforce, before retiring in 2009.

    Carano has also worked as a fitness model and appeared on the cover of ESPN The Magazine's annual Body Issue in 2009. Since leaving MMA, she has been pursuing a career as an actress, starring in the unheralded Steven Soderbergh film Haywire in 2012.

    According to reports, Carano is currently dating actor Henry Cavill, who is starring in the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel. 

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5. Bianca Gascoigne

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    Glamour model and television personality Bianca Gascoigne is the stepdaughter of Paul Gascoigne, an English footballer who retired in 2004. Her mother is Sheryl Gascoigne, a reality star who appeared on the popular British show I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

    Bianca got her start as a model in 2006, appearing in men's magazines such as Loaded, Maxim, FHM and Nuts. She has since appeared on a number of British reality shows, including Love Island, Gladiators, and Celebrity Coach Trip. 

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4. Bianca La Russa

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    Bianca La Russa is the daughter the recently retired Tony La Russa, longtime former manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.

    She made headlines in 2011 after making the final cut and being named an Oakland Raiderette. Unfortunately, her cheerleading career was short lived, an injury sent her into early retirement just four weeks into the regular season. 

    Currently Bianca is living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She's an animal lover who supports a charity near and dear to her heart, the Tony La Russa Animal Rescue Foundation

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3. Sydney Esiason

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    Sydney Esaison is the daughter of retired Bengals quarterback Boomer Esaison, who is currently a co-host on CBS's NFL Today. She is currently a student at Boston College and is set to graduate in 2014. 

    Sydney plays lacrosse for BC and has made radio appearances in Boston and New York. She is a hockey fan and is reportedly dating New York Islanders forward Matt Martin. 

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2. Jazz Wilkins

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    Jasmyn "Jazz" Wilkins is the daughter of Gerald Wilkins, a former NBA player who played 14 seasons in the league before retiring in 1999. Her brother is Damien Wilkins, who currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. 

    She is a graduate of Clemson University and is currently majoring in nursing at Georgia State University. In school, she was an accomplished student athlete and musician. Jazz is also a beauty queen who was named Miss Georgia 2012. 

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1. Kate Mara

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    Actress Kate Mara is the daughter of New York Giants executive Timothy Mara and sister of Rooney Mara, who also appears on this list. She's also the granddaughter of late Giants owner Wellington Mara, and her great uncle is Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney. 

    Mara has been working regularly as an actress since her first guest starring role on Law & Order in 1997. She's best known for her roles in Brokeback Mountain, We Are Marshall and American Horror Story.