WWE vs TNA Comes to an End

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WWE vs TNA Comes to an End
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First of all for the past couple of years it has been widely documented that in around ten years tna will rule wwe. Now everyone has shut their mouth because they know tna SUCKS!!

Now you may think that i am stupid because they will take over but now think what happened to WCW and ECW classic. Have you seen TNA lately, the nation of violence is rubbish.

I mean all it is, is some fat guy from Samoa with a knife, plus the Main Event Mafia is getting stale and they need someone knew like Team 3D to turn heel and join them.

What I think should happen is they have a big battle, winner takes all! Here are my matches.

  • Sting vs Undertaker= Buried Alive Match
  • Kurt angle vs John cena= Hardcore Match
  • Kane vs Abyss= Inferno Match
  • John Morrison and The Miz vs Team 3D= Table Match
  • Kevin Nash vs Shawn Michaels= Ladder Match
  • Rey Mysterio vs AJ Styles= Ultimate X
  • King Booker vs William Regal= Kings Court Match(Loser kisses winner feet)
  • Scott Steiner vs Edge= TLC Match
  • Jeff Hardy vs Rhino= Extreme Rules Match

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