Katherine Webb Carrying on Tradition of Pretty Ladies at Super Bowl Media Day

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 29, 2013

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report Twitter
Photo Credit: Bleacher Report Twitter

Katherine Webb carried on the proud tradition of attractive women reporting from the Super Bowl when she appeared for Inside Edition at Media Day.

The woman who has garnered nearly as much media attention as this year's Super Bowl participants combined made her presence known the week before the biggest sporting event of the year.

I am almost amazed we are still standing here.

Twitter and other social media sites presented a few images of Webb hanging out at Media Day, even finding time to boogie on down with 49ers linebacker Clark Haggans.


For the handful of you who don't know who Webb is, she is the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron.

Usually being the lovely lady in the life of a BCS champion isn't enough to elevate you to superstar status. However, Webb was fortunate enough to have Brent Musburger fawn all over her during the BCS National Championship Game, raising her to household name status. 

We should all be so lucky. 

This is hardly the first time a beautiful woman has stopped by Super Bowl Media Day to report, interview and look pretty.

Guyism actually has a great breakdown of some of the best moments in beauty descending upon the Super Bowl.


Kellie Pickler 

Just as Inside Edition sent Webb to New Orleans, many outlets send their own correspondents, and they hardly have to be sports-related.

The Tonight Show decided to send American Idol's Kellie Pickler, resulting in predictable and obvious comedy, much like the show she represented.


Ines Sainz

If there is a Media Day legend, it would have to be Mexican reporter Ines Sainz. Her outfits leave little to the imagination and actually caught the attention of Terrell Owens in 2005.

The receiver refused to speak to media until he noticed that the media included Ms. Sainz as you will see in the video below. 


Marisol Gonzalez 

The biggest star last year was reporter Marisol Gonzalez, who pretty much stole every last bit of attention on Media Day with her red dress and boots.

A day as crazy as any other in sports found many athletes going mad over Marisol.


The world is coming together in New Orleans for the biggest party in sports. Reporters from around the world will take to interviews with the most important athletes of the moment.

As we have seen before, the pretty people are far more successful at securing the best and brightest interviews.

Media Day continues to be dominated by the loveliest of ladies.


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