Oklahoma State Football: Cowboys' Top Priority on National Signing Day

Bradlee RossCorrespondent IIJanuary 29, 2013

DALLAS, TX - JANUARY 01:  Josh Stewart #5 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys is tackled by Josh Johnson #28 of the Purdue Boilermakers during the Heart of Dallas Bowl at Cotton Bowl on January 1, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have recruited a pretty well-rounded class of incoming freshman for 2013. However, that does not mean that their work is done.

Each program in the country has goals for signing day itself, however unlikely they may seem. For Oklahoma State, their goal for signing day has to be stealing one big recruit who has the potential to change the face of a program.

There are a few different possibilities as to who this player could be, as Oklahoma State is still somewhat in the running for a number of the best players in the country.



Daeshon Hall, DE

In a league like the Big 12, it is always very important to be able to put pressure on the quarterback. Getting a big-time defensive end like Daeshon Hall could enable the Cowboys to do that better than they have recently.

Unlike many players coming out of high school, Hall has the unique combination of current talent and impressive future potential. His 6’6” frame is already powerful enough to make a difference, but he could also add some weight and strength to it, which would make him even more of a terror.

Currently, Hall is committed to Washington, but that is a long way from his home. The Cowboys would also have Texas A&M, LSU and others to compete with for Hall. It may be a long shot to get him, but if it were to pan out, it would make the Cowboy defense much, much better.



Devin Lauderdale, WR

The Cowboys already have a plethora of good receivers in this 2013 recruiting class, but when you are running the Air Raid offense, you could always use one more. Devin Lauderdale could be that guy.

Josh Stewart has done well in the slot role for the Cowboy offense, and Lauderdale looks tailor-made to be his replacement. He is currently committed to Texas Tech, but one would think that the Cowboys would at least have a shot at turning him.

After all, why go to Texas Tech and play in the Air Raid offense when you can go to Stillwater where the Cowboys have consistently run it better?



Dontre Wilson, RB

Of the three players listed in this article, Dontre Wilson would be the best option for the Cowboys to get. However, they will have to beat out some stiff competition to win him.

The Oregon Ducks are currently where Wilson’s loyalties lie, but he has not given them the hardest commitment. The fact that he comes from DeSoto, a Dallas suburb that Oklahoma State has recruited heavily in the past, could also be the opening Oklahoma State needs to get him.

Wilson is a speedy back who could play in the backfield or at slot receiver for the Cowboys. He would be the perfect replacement for a guy like Joseph Randle, as his skill set matches up very well to the Cowboys’ Air Raid offense.

The truth is that all of these players are a long shot for the Cowboys. But this year, in a class in which the Cowboys have already filled all their positional needs, going after a long shot great recruit must be the goal of this program on signing day.

Just one of these could be the small difference Oklahoma State needs to go from a Big 12 contender to a Big 12 champion in the coming seasons.