Craziest Stunts in Signing Day History

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJanuary 29, 2013

Craziest Stunts in Signing Day History

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    National Signing Day is next Wednesday, February 6, and it is always full of the most crazy, bizarre and wildest memories of the recruiting year. We have witnessed some downright odd moments on NSD, and this year likely won't be any different.

    So, how about we take a stroll down memory lane—National Signing Day style—and look at the craziest stunts pulled over the years. This read will have you laughing, scratching your head, shaking your head, reminiscing and even feeling a little miffed—all at once.

    Crazy stunts and National Signing Day go together like piranhas and peanut butter...exactly.

Josh Harvey-Clemons Delays Letter of Intent

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    Last year on NSD, we were all awaiting word on where stud OLB prospect Josh Harvey Clemons would be going to school. Georgia was considered the favorite and Harvey-Clemons indeed chose the Dawgs.

    However, later on NSD, it was reported that Harvey-Clemons had yet to fax his letter of intent to Athens. His family did not agree with his decision and his grandfather/guardian wouldn't agree to sign off on the LOI.

    It was a bizarre day for UGA fans and coaches, as they waited on pins and needles until finally Harvey-Clemons' LOI came through the fax machine. 

Cyrus Kouandjio and the Face of Doubt

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    Kouandjio was a top five overall prospect and the Laremy Tunsil of the 2011 class. The Maryland native went on ESPN on NSD and announced he would be going to Auburn.

    However, it was written all over Kouandjio's face that he had sincere doubt and second thoughts about the decision. In fact, I think Koaundjio wasn't even ready to decide on NSD and just announced because he felt forced to.

    In a matter of minutes after his decision, we learned he hadn't faxed his LOI to The Plains.

    Kouandjio never did.

    Today, he's the starting LT at Alabama. 

Davonte' Neal Calls a Press Conference and Doesn't Show Up

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    Arizona's Davonte' Neal was a hot recruit last year because the prospect could do an array of things. Neal could play RB, WR, S and CB, while also returning punts and kicks.

    Neal couldn't make up his mind on NSD and waited a few weeks later to do so. He called a press conference where the nation waited for him to come out and announce his decision.

    Neal never did come out. He didn't show up to his own press conference.

    Why? Family strife. Neal wanted to attend Arizona, while his family felt Notre Dame was his best option.

    Today, Neal wears a gold helmet. 

Terrelle Pryor Holds a NSD Press Conference to Announce He Isn't Announcing

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    The year of 2008 brought us a 6'6, 225-pound QB from Pennsylvania named Terrelle Pryor. Many had him as the No. 1 overall player in the country and a supreme prospect.

    Pryor called a press conference on NSD that year to announce...that he wasn't announcing.

    The non-announcement was viewed as an arrogant stunt to bring more attention to himself, as many felt he was already a lock to go to Ohio State.

    As we all know, a few weeks later, Pryor signed with the Buckeyes 

Isaiah Crowell Takes School Spirit to the Extreme

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    Perhaps the nation's best back in the 2011 recruiting class, Isaiah Crowell was a Peach State RB prospect that had it all. Crowell came down to Georgia and Alabama and called an NSD press conference.

    When sitting at the table, Crowell announced his decision by bringing out a bulldog puppy to symbolize that he was a Georgia Bulldog.

    This stunt is easily one of the most craziest and bizarre in NSD history.

Lorenzo Booker Pulls a Switcharoo

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    Booker was the top recruit in the country for in 2002. He had special quickness and speed with the football. He was a true playmaker from the RB position.

    On NSD, he called a press conference. As his scheduled announcement approached, reports were going wild about Booker signing with Notre Dame over Florida State.

    In fact, it seemed like once Booker stepped up to the podium that his announcement was just a formality because Notre Dame was the known to be his school of choice.

    As Booker began to speak, he began to cry and shockingly announced he was going to Florida State. 

CBS Makes Rich Rodriguez Interview Brady Hoke on NSD

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    I'm not in the TV business, but what genius thought of this idea at CBS Sports? 

    Rich Rodriguez was fired by Michigan after the 2010 season and was replaced by Brady Hoke.

    Rodriguez agreed to serve as an analyst for CBS Sports and helped with their NSD coverage.

    CBS Sports then decided to bring the new Michigan coach on for an interview during their coverage and to have Rodriguez question him—him being his replacement at Michigan—about the class that he had just helped build.


Floyd Raven's Mother Forges His Name on His LOI to Ole Miss

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    It's getting hard to trust anybody these days.

    Raven will even tell you to watch your own mother.

    On NSD in 2011, Ole Miss received an LOI from Raven, but something was fishy. His signature didn't look right so they contacted him again, and Raven informed them that his mother had forged his name because she wanted him to go to Ole Miss. 

    Raven ended up going to Texas A&M and had to defend his mother from attacks by fans and the media.

    Anyway you look at it, this has to be one of the all-time craziest stunts on NSD.

Kevin Hart Accepts a Scholarship That Never Existed

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    Wow, was this one a doozy or what?

    In 2008, Kevin Hart of Nevada announced on NSD that he was signing with Cal over Oregon. The only thing was neither the Bears nor the Ducks had really ever heard of this guy.

    Hart called a press conference at his school, where his family, friends, classmates and teammates all attended, along with almost his entire school.

    It was a huge ordeal.

    Not long after, Hart got exposed as he admitted he made the whole thing up about being recruited and didn't have a scholarship from either school.

    Craziest Signing Day stunt ever.

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