Super Bowl Odds 2013: Best Bets to Ensure Victory in Ravens vs. 49ers Battle

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Super Bowl Odds 2013: Best Bets to Ensure Victory in Ravens vs. 49ers Battle
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Like Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers this Sunday, gamblers are waiting with anticipation for the first kickoff of Super Bowl XLVII

One of the biggest reasons that the Super Bowl smashes ratings records every year is because of all the people who have something at stake financially. It could be any number of things since there are so many different ways to bet on the game, but whatever you need, you can find if you look for it. 

As you scramble in the final days before the Ravens and 49ers finally get this show on the road, here are some of the best bets that you can make to ensure a prosperous Sunday evening. 

Odds courtesy of Bovada

Team to score first wins game

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Odds: Yes (-160), No (+130)

I am going to throw some Super Bowl stats at you. Four of the previous five winners have been the team that scored first. In fact, if you take it back a little further to 2007, the Indianapolis Colts have been involved in the last two instances of a team scoring first and losing the game. 

However, here are some other numbers that you need to know. In this postseason, the San Francisco 49ers have been scored on first before answering the call. They have been a much better second-half team, outscoring opponents 35-10 in two games. 

The Ravens have been all over the place in the postseason, scoring first against Indianapolis and having Denver and New England get the jump on them. 

Basically what this tells us is these are two teams that don't want to score first, or more appropriately, don't need to score first to win a game. 

A simple wager of "No" on this bet should yield strong results.

Team to get first 1st down of the game

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Odds: Ravens (+120), 49ers (-150)

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Unlike the previous bet, there is no grand scientific formula to support this bet. All I have are instincts and theories, but isn't that all gambling really is?

Regardless of how the coin toss ends up, I think the 49ers are going to end up playing defense. They will want to establish the tone of the game and set up field position right out of the gate. 

However, as good as their defense has been at forcing three-and-outs this season, the Ravens have been able to move the ball well in the postseason. I wouldn't go so far as to say that they will score on the first drive, but I can see at least one first down. 

Will Beyonce be joined on stage by Jay-Z during Halftime Show?

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Odds: Yes (+110), No (-150)

This one is almost too good to be true. For starters, they are the biggest power couple in the music industry and pretty much have free reign to do whatever they like as long as it doesn't lead to another wardrobe malfunction. 

Furthermore, based on Beyonce's reported setlist for the show, she is starting things off with "Crazy In Love." For those that don't know or recall, Jay-Z has a big part in that song and it would feel incomplete without him. 

If the Black Eyed Peas can get away with using Slash on stage during their Super Bowl performance, certainly Beyonce can get away with having her husband on stage for a song that he helped make. 

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