Wade Barrett: Why Has He Not Been World Champion Yet?

SMGAnalyst IIJanuary 29, 2013

Why hasn't Wade Barrett been World Champion yet? (photo credit: www.wwwallpapers.net)
Why hasn't Wade Barrett been World Champion yet? (photo credit: www.wwwallpapers.net)

Wade Barrett should have been a World Champion by now based on the facts that he has a great wrestling skills, charisma and “it factor” that make a WWE Superstar great.

Then why has Wade Barrett not been World Champion yet?

Here are three reasons.

Getting Injured

On the February 20, 2012 edition of Raw, Wade Barrett suffered an injury that caused him to miss approximately six months of action. Barrett would lose a multitude of opportunities, including being part of Money in the Bank and WrestleMania.

While Dolph Ziggler was most likely going to win his Money in the Bank briefcase no matter what, perhaps if Wade Barrett weren’t injured, things would have worked out differently.

Would we still have seen a Raw Money in the Bank ladder match involving only former World Champions?

It’s hard to say.

Barrett seemed to be on his way to being pushed as a main-event star, but his injury caused his career to take a step back, at least momentarily.


World Title Picture is Crowded

While the WWE title picture certainly doesn’t have space for Barrett with John Cena, CM Punk, The Rock and previously Ryback, the World Heavyweight title picture hasn’t involved Barrett either.

At the time when Barrett was injured, Daniel Bryan had recently cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the title. Sheamus would then go on a six-month reign as champion. WWE could have had Wade Barrett be the one to end Sheamus’ reign but went with the Big Show instead. Barrett and Sheamus have had great matches since Barrett’s return from injury, but it was Big Show who was pushed as the main-event heel.

With Sheamus, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio and soon to be Dolph Ziggler in the World Heavyweight title picture, there may not be any room for Wade Barrett.


Bringing Prestige to the Intercontinental Title

Although Wade Barrett was not pushed to the main event, he was awarded the Intercontinental title. This seems to make him the top heel of the midcard. That’s like being the big fish in a small pond.

Prior to Wade Barrett becoming Intercontinental champion again, the previous champions were Kofi Kingston, The Miz and Christian. The title has always been more prestigious than the United States championship, but there is a huge difference between having the belt on Kofi Kingston versus Wade Barrett.

Kofi Kingston is a lifetime midcard Superstar, while Wade Barrett is an up-and-coming main-event star. The Intercontinental title has traditionally been used to boost a midcard Superstar to the main event. Superstars such as Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and The Rock are all prime examples of this.

Finally, WWE is bringing prestige back to the Intercontinental title the way it should be on a Superstar like Wade Barrett.



Wade Barrett has not been World Champion…yet.

It is only a matter of time before the Barrett Barrage does in fact take over and Wade is a top heel in WWE.

When will that be?

Perhaps he will win Money in the Bank this year or just work his way up the ladder and the card to reach main even status.

A wind of change is coming to WWE, and Wade Barrett is leading the way.

Why do you think Wade Barrett has not been World Champion yet? Will he be one soon? Please leave your ideas, thoughts and comments in the section below.




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