Joe Flacco's Dad Steve Calls Baltimore Ravens QB Dull

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2013

The NFL has had some very charismatic players over the years. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is not one of them. 

According to Scott Cacciola of the New York Times, even his father thinks this way. Steve Flacco recently told the newspaper, "Joe is dull. As dull as he is portrayed in the media, he’s that dull. He is dull."

He went on to say that the only time he was able to cut loose was to take pictures for his wedding, although he guaranteed that "none of it was Joe's idea."

While it is not a requirement for a professional quarterback to be interesting, this could be a problem during the Super Bowl's annual media day, where players usually have a chance to have some fun. 

It does not seem like Flacco will be one of the guys who does impressions of his teammates.

Coaches probably do not mind a player who simply shows up to practices and games and does his job. It is certainly better than the extreme alternative of a guy who constantly gets in trouble.

Then again, he loses a lot of marketability compared to other top-level quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning, who have a little more personality. 

With Ray Lewis on the team throughout his career, the quarterback has not been forced to be the leader. Usually, the veteran linebacker is the one to give big speeches and get the team pumped up for the game.

However, Flacco might need to take over as the team's veteran leader after Lewis retires this offseason. He still does not need to crack jokes, but the future success of the team could depend on him coming out of his shell.