Grading the Slick New Patrick Ewing Retro Shoes

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2013

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The Ewing Athletics re-launch is all the rage in the world of sneakers, as it is coming out with its first nationwide release in years on Saturday, a pair of "33 His."

Ewing Athletics went under in 1996, and the reboot with the launch of the “NYC” Orange 33 Hi is hopefully going to set the company off in the right direction, with many quality shoes to come.

If the 33 Hi is any precursor, Ewing Athletics has a great chance of sticking around for quite a while.

The new kicks coming out have been hyped for nearly a year at this point. The 33 Hi was initially released back at the end of August, but Saturday will mark the nationwide release of the highly anticipated shoe.

They're a reboot of the Ewing 33 Hi, Ewing Athletics' second shoe released, the one that got the company off the ground and really sent it into the shoe game. And with good reason too, even today, because they look as good as most shoes on the market.

So how does the reboot compare? Let's take a look.


Style: B+

Comparing the 33 Hi to the style of shoes that normally come out today is like comparing a Lexus LS400 from 1990 to a 2013 Lexus LS460. They're completely different vehicles with completely different merits.

Even still, there's something about that old-school, over-puffed body with the super fat tongue and the superfluous straps around the back that are endearing, even 23 years after the shoe was initially released.

Because of that, the fact that they changed nearly nothing about the old style was a solid decision.


Color: A

The release being hyped is the special New York City edition of the Ewing 33 Hi, which of course means it's in Knicks colors.

Just the thought of a shoe covered in orange from tip to tongue to heel makes me want to cringe, but when you take a good look at the 33 Hi, it's nothing short of beautiful.

The orange jumps perfectly off the shoe with the blue eyelets and the blue inside the shoe, plus there's just enough white mixed in to keep the shoe from being oversaturated in color.

If you're looking for these bad boys but don't want to look like a Knicks fan everywhere you go, they're releasing them in a handful of colors including one with a red base that looks pretty sharp and the old-school black-and-white color scheme.


Overall Look: A

There's something about the combination of the throwback look, the solid, clunky style and the beautiful bright orange that coats the shoes that makes these seem like perfection from the ankle to the soles.

I'm not sure how well they'll work out when you're actually on the court, especially since they looked overinflated and heavy, but I wouldn't mind clomping around town with these stellar looking trainers.

This is how you bring back a shoe, folks. These shoes are gorgeous.