NFL Draft: Why Nevada WR Brandon Wimberly Should Be Drafted

Michael PatmasCorrespondent IIIJanuary 28, 2013

Brandon Wimberly has great hands
Brandon Wimberly has great handsRon Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In June 2011, Brandon Wimberly came within inches of death. An unknown assailant shot him in the abdomen. The bullet just missed his aorta. After spending days in the ICU during which his very survival was in doubt, any prospect of a return to football seemed out of reach.

Wimberly missed the entire 2011 season. Astonishingly, he returned to play in 2012, had a spectacular season and now stands at the brink of what would have been unthinkable in those touch and go days in the ICU—being drafted into the NFL.

Right now, Wimberly is not high up on anyone's draft board, except for mine, that is. I think Wimberly is an underrated prospect.

The 6'3", 215-pound wide receiver  amassed some pretty impressive stats during his collegiate career: 164 receptions for 2,060 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also had one punt return for 19 yards and nine rushes for 63 yards. A consistent and sure handed receiver, Wimberly caught at least one pass in every game.

But statistics aside, there are some intangibles about Wimberly that I really like.  First of all, his recovery from the gunshot wound is quite remarkable. He clearly has the desire and the heart to play.

Secondly, he has great hands. During 2009 and 2010, Wimberly was a go-to receiver for then Nevada QB, Colin Kaepernick. Known for having one of the strongest arms in the NFL, it takes really good hands to catch his laser guided RPGs. 

Just ask Randy Moss how hard Kaepernick throws. Earlier this season, Moss suffered a dislocated finger just catching a Kaepernick pass, the first time he has ever suffered such an injury. Afterward, Moss commented about Kapernick's arm strength.

Well, Wimberly can catch Kaepernick's passes. He caught a lot of them. If he can do that, he has NFL hands. Put that together with his intangible inner strength and you have a winning combination. I would definitely place him among the top half of wide receivers available. The team that drafts Brandon Wimberly will get one of the most under-appreciated prospects available.