Toronto Blue Jays Injury Updates

George HalimCorrespondent IIJanuary 30, 2013

Toronto Blue Jays Injury Updates

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    The 2012 season was the most injury plagued in recent memory for the Toronto Blue Jays

    Although a lot of those injured returned to the lineup, a few of them are still in the process of rehabbing. That being said, some have even yet to resume baseball activities.

    We're going to give a quick recap of the injured players on the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays.

Kyle Drabek

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    The young pitcher, who was a key piece in the Roy Halladay transaction, landed himself on the disabled list on June 15, 2012. 

    Later on that day, Kyle Drabek said he felt a "popping sensation" in his elbow.

    He was diagnosed with a torn ligament in his elbow, requiring Tommy John surgery for the second time in four years. 

    He underwent that surgery last June, and has yet to resume baseball activities. Drabek is a long way from recovery, and according to, he is expected to miss the majority of the 2013 season. 


    Drabek's 2012 stats:

    4-7, 4.67 ERA, 71.1 IP, 47 BB, 47 SO, 1,59 WHIP

Drew Hutchison

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    Another young and promising arm who fell victim to the injury bug in the same week as Brandon Morrow and Kyle Drabek, Drew Hutchison initially had a sprain in his elbow.

    But after a few setbacks, Hutchison got his elbow checked out, and it was concluded that he needed Tommy John surgery as well. 

    After being taken off the 60-day disabled list, Hutchison will be in recovery mode for most of 2013, and according to, he's expected to be placed back on the DL in March. 

    So with that, don't expect to see the 21-year-old in the dome any time soon, either. 


    Hutchison's 2012 stats:

    5-3, 4.60 ERA, 58.2 IP, 20 BB, 49 SO, 1.34 WHIP

Sergio Santos

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    Sergio Santos was another unlucky pitcher for the Blue Jays in 2013, needing his labrum repaired in 2012.

    Fortunately for Santos, the injury was early enough in the season that he was able to begin throwing this past December. 

    So with that, he'll be ready to go by spring training, and according to Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, Santos deserves a shot at the closer role again.

    Although the Blue Jays greeted their internally found closer Casey Janssen with open arms, Griffin says that "Santos is ready for spring training, with a chance, if healthy, to reclaim the closer’s role." 

    That being said, "Janssen is always able to fill a ninth-inning role if needed."

    So, Blue Jays fans, you'll finally get a look at the Sergio Santos in 2013 that Alex Anthopoulos hoped to acquire for coveted minor leaguer Nestor Molina


    Santos' 2012 stats:

    0-1, 9.00 ERA, 2 SV, 5.0 IP, 4 BB, 4 SO, 2.00 WHIP

Ricky Romero

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    It wasn't revealed until seasons end that Ricky Romero had been struggling with quad tendinitis along with elbow pain.

    At the very least, everyone can pin his abysmal 2012 campaign on that, where he did in fact lead the league in one category—walks.

    But since that time, Romero has had arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow and platelet-rich plasma injections in both of his knees to speed up the recovery process, according to Sportsnet's Shi Davidi.  

    It's unfortunate that Romero, after being one of the league's best pitchers in 2011, underwent such an atrocious turnaround last season. In the process, Romero went from team ace to battling for a fourth or fifth starter position in the rotation.

    But keeping that in mind, it's possible that Romero only had a bad season and has a chance to be a sleeper in 2013. 


    Romero's 2012 stats:

    9-14, 5.77 ERA, 181.0 IP, 105 BB, 124 SO, 1.67 WHIP

Jose Baustista

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    Of the injuries in 2012, none was more painful to the Toronto Blue Jays then seeing slugger Jose Bautista go down with a wrist injury.

    At the time, Bautista went on the DL, rested it and returned only to re-injure it. He promptly had season-sending surgery to stabilize a tendon in his left wrist.  

    On the flip side, of all the positive news for Toronto in the off season, Bautista is near the top of that list.

    As of January 5, Bautista has been swinging in batting cages five times a week at full strength and says he's fully recovered.

    Toronto's top bat is scheduled to be back by spring training feeling better than ever. 


    Bautista's 2012 stats:

    .241/.358/.527, 27 HR, 65 RBI, 80 H, 64 R, 59 BB

Casey Janssen

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    Casey Janssen was by far the most pleasant surprise for the Toronto Blue Jays last season (and one of the only bright spots).

    After should-have-been closer Sergio Santos failed to throw strikes and ultimately ended up on the disabled list, Janssen stepped in confidently and solidified his role as the 2012 closer. 

    He silenced his critics and converted on 22 of his 25 save opportunities. 

    But on November 16, Janssen underwent surgery to alleviate soreness in the AC joint of his right shoulder. That being said, Janssen is expected to be ready for spring training and should challenge Santos for the closer role in 2013. 


    Janssen's 2012 stats:

    1-1, 2.54 ERA, 25 SV, 63.2 IP, 11 BB, 67 SO, 0.86 WHIP