Super Bowl Snacks: Unique Appetizers That Are Sure to Spice Up Your Party

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 28, 2013

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Every Super Bowl party isn't complete without snacks like nachos, potato chips, pizza and chicken wings, among the many other Sunday traditions.

There's a reason you see the same stuff every year: We all love them. We'd be disappointed watching the Super Bowl without the kinds of foods that clog our arteries and stain every bit of clothing we have with a multitude of different sauces.

The best parties, though, are the ones with the kind of unique concoctions you would not generally associate with the Super Bowl. Those are the parties that get talked about afterward.

Cornflake chicken fingers are one such appetizer. Along with the cornflakes, these chicken fingers are coated in Parmesan cheese and ranch dressing. It's a much more tantalizing option than the simple chicken tenders or wings that occupy every party.

If interested, the recipe is available on

In order to have yourself a much more memorable time, try out some of the other appetizers listed below.


Bacon-Cheese Dip

What's the one thing that can make cheese dip better? Bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

The appetizer is a much different take on the traditional cheese dip and shows you are willing to show more effort for your party than simply going out and buying queso dip from the store.

This isn't for everybody, though, as the combination of blue cheese, sour cream and cream cheese might not appeal to everybody at your party.

It's also pretty easy to make. You can simply get it done the night before and pull it out when necessary, thus allowing you to spend time on other tasty delights the day of the game. You can check out the recipe at


Baked Buffalo Wings

Wings are one of the standard-bearers for any party. If you're looking to go with a slightly healthier option, baked buffalo wings are for you.

With all of the food that is consumed, it's wise to cut back on the calories somewhere. By baking the wings, you get almost all of the normal taste without the unhealthy aspects that come with frying.

If there's one knock on the wings, it's that they take a bit of effort before you get them into the oven. Once there, though, you can start working on your other dishes.

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Super Quick Chili Bites

Chili is a great snack food, however, it can come with some rather foul-smelling consequences. Nobody wants to have that kind of cloud hovering over their party.

These chili bites can cut down a bit on the amount of chili somebody consumes, and it's just a nice twist on chili.

The bites are essentially just a miniature version of the kind of larger bread bowls that soup or salad can be served in. Your friends hollow out the dinner roll themselves and add whatever toppings they want.

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