The 4 Most Terrifying Enforcers in NHL History

Ryan O'Leary@BR0LearyFeatured Columnist IJanuary 28, 2013

On-ice enforcement isn't one of the more glamorous aspects of hockey, but it's an important job. After all, who is going to protect Sidney Crosby when push comes to shove? It's James Neal or Evgeni Malkin. 

This on-ice police force, a fighting band of brothers, has been in place for years and years, most notably with Eddie Shore, considered one of the pioneers of enforcement—a guy today's brawlers must pay reverence.

Shore was by no means the scariest or most ruthless player to patrol the ice—since his time, many more have come in his place and etched their names into hockey infamy.

Like Marty McSorley, will anyone ever forget his being charged and convicted of assault for wielding his stick upside Donald Brashear's head in 2000? 

Absolutely not. And for that reason, he will always go down as one of the scariest men to ever play hockey. Because, believe me, if you knock a guy unconscious with your twig, you will always be feared and crazy.

McSorley isn't the only one on the list of scariest enforcers, there are a few more. Find out how the rest of this list pans out with B/R's latest NHL video.