11 Future Great Offensive Duos from the 2013 College Football Recruiting Class

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJanuary 28, 2013

11 Future Great Offensive Duos from the 2013 College Football Recruiting Class

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    Another neat aspect to recruiting is that your program can stockpile talent at various positions. Some recruits may shy away signing with a school that has another player committed at their same position, but others relish it.

    With the ability to sign multiple players at any position, many times schools end up signing recruits who go on to form great duos and tandems on the field. I'm sure that this 2013 class is home to a wealth of future standouts who will team with others from this class to make fantastic one-two punches.

    In this read, let's look at 11 future great duos on the offensive side of the ball. Not all the duos on my list are at the skill positions. Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews may have been the best offensive duo in the country this past season and they are both offensive tackles.

James Quick and Richard Benjamin, Louisville

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    Quick gets most of the hype and headlines, but Benjamin should be right there with him. Charlie Strong has a great duo of WRs coming in with these two.

    Both stand close 6'0", with Benjamin being nearly 200 pounds, while Quick is lighter at 185. Both have good speed, quickness and can make plays.

    Look for the Cardinals to be touting two great WRs in a few seasons. 

Shane Morris and Jaron Dukes, Michigan

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    Dukes is another WR that is a bit of a sleeper. He's 6'4", 200 pounds and has good ball skills and solid speed.

    Look for the Golden Boy that is Shane Morris to fall in love with Dukes' length and skill set. Morris is going to need a go-to guy at the WR position and Dukes can easily fill that role for the young QB.

    Keep your eyes on these two to make some special plays in the passing game in Ann Arbor. 

Kent Perkins and Jake Raulerson, Texas

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    As I said in the intro, not every duo on this list is of offensive skill position prospects. Raulerson and Perkins are two of the top OT recruits in the nation.

    I can foresee them both becoming bookend tackles for Mack Brown, with Raulerson playing LT while Perkins handles the RT spot. Could the Longhorns be getting a future Luke Joeckel-Jake Matthews duo?

    It's possible indeed. 

Chris Johnson and Robbie Rhodes, Baylor

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    Johnson is a strong armed 6'4", 210-pound QB that can make many throws. He's got mobility and extends plays with great athleticism.

    Rhodes is one of the top WR prospects in this class and has the tools to be a No. 1 WR at Baylor. These two should develop some early chemistry and go on to become a lethal combination for Art Briles' team. 

Robert Foster and O.J. Howard, Alabama

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    The Alabama passing game is starting to open up more and more each season. With Foster coming in, it should be busted wide open, as his speed is remarkable.

    Also, the Tide have not gotten much receiving production from their TE unit. Look for Howard's athleticism, length and hands to change that quickly.

    Remember when the Browns had a one-two receiving punch with WR Braylon Edwards and TE Kellen Winslow? Alabama could have the same thing with Foster and Howard. 

Derrick Green and DeVeon Smith, Michigan

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    Green pledged to Michigan this past Saturday and gave Big Blue another great incoming RB. With his size, power and solid straight-line speed, he should be fine for Brady Hoke.

    Offensive coordinator Al Borges has to be giddy over having Green and DeVeon Smith coming in. That's a duo of downhill, attacking backs who run hard and can break tackles.

    These two horses are going to be wearing Big Ten defenses down pretty soon. 

Damore'ea Stringfellow and Darrell Daniels, Washington

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    This duo should be fantastic for Steve Sarkisian. Both are WR prospects that stand 6'3" and weigh over 200 pounds.

    Having a big, physical and strong pass-catcher on each side of the offense should work well for U-Dub. Daniels and Stringfellow have the size, strength and hands to terrorize Pac-12 secondaries.

    This duo reminds me of the size the Cowboys have at their WR position with Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. 

Alabama RB Trio

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    Sure, these three are a trio and not a duo but they still deserve to be on this list. Some feel that Altee Tenpenny could sign with Arkansas despite having already committed to 'Bama, leaving just Derrick Henry and Tyren Jones.

    Others think Henry will be moved to another position, leaving Jones and Tenpenny at the RB position.

    So there's several scenarios where this trio may be paired down to just a duo. Yet, any of those combinations would still be great for Alabama. 

Christian Hackenberg and Adam Breneman, Penn State

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    Hackenberg could very well be redshirted and Breneman too, as the latter could need more time to rehab from his ACL injury.

    However, down the line, these two should flourish in Bill O'Brien's offense. Hackenberg is seen by some as the nation's top QB prospect, while Breneman may be the best "traditional" TE prospect in the country.

    I expect these two to hook up for many yards and TDs in Happy Valley. 

Max Browne and Steven Mitchell, USC

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    Browne is a top-flight QB prospect that is already at USC. He's got a 6'5" frame, sharp release, accuracy and sees the field well.

    Mitchell is a slick receiver that can really separate from defenders with quickness and has great run-after-the-catch ability. These two hit it off at The Opening last summer and I expect their chemistry to continue at USC.

Ricky Seals-Jones and Derrick Griffin, Texas A&M

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    I don't know about you but the Aggies' offense is already a problem to deal with and the fact that they're about to sign two WR prospects that both stand close to 6'6", 230 pounds is almost unfair.

    Seals-Jones and Griffin should form an imposing tandem in College Station, and it begins with their excellent size. Next, both guys are great athletes and their strike zones need ZIP codes.

    Each guy will get his looks in the red zone, and this duo should be highly productive and almost intimidating for Texas A&M.

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena League. He spent a year evaluating prep prospects and writing specific recruiting and scouting content articles for Student Sports Football (formerly ESPN Rise-HS). A syndicated scout and writer, he's also contributed to WeAreSC.com, GatorBait.net and Diamonds in the Rough Inc., a College Football and NFL Draft magazine.