Scientifically Analyzing Randy Orton's Chances of Becoming WWE Champion

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIApril 4, 2009

The anticipation is killing me.

No longer can I sit back behind the keyboard and wonder, ponder about the one and only question relevant to me during this time a year. While Wrestlemania XXV will be a legendary pay-per-view stacked with highly anticipated matches, there is but one that stands alone as being the most anticipated match of my life.

That's no typo, I've been a dedicated fan of professional wrestling for over ten years and never before have I felt anticipation quite like this.

That one question which has been plaguing my mind for longer than I'd care to admit is this...

Will Randy Orton walk out of Wrestlemania XXV as the new WWE Champion?

While typically, professional wrestling can be abnormally predictable, the night's main event might prove to be anything but.

It might be quite easy for those in the Triple H camp and those in the Randy Orton camp to lie claim to their prediction with absolute assurance, and feel un-phased when their prediction comes true.

I however have had a difficult time on deciding what the future might have in store.

There are so many variables that I feel as if I could substantiate a legitimate argument for either side. Yet even with my bias firmly embedded into my speculative conscious, I've had a hard time developing any solid assurance that history will be made.

Of course, every ounce of my wrestling fanhood will be dedicated to the hope and desire of seeing Randy Orton become the new WWE Champion.

You see, Triple H and I go back, way back to the sixth grade.

Although he would never know it, an 11-year old Ryan Michael developed an uncharacteristically strong hatred for the man they called "The Game" from day one. For it was that same 11-year old Ryan Michael who become one of the millions "and millions".

Back then, I had no comprehension of what character roles where. I did not know what a babyface was and I had no idea what on earth a heel was. I might have even become quite confused with these terms being used in that very classic original Smackdown video game for my Playstation one.

What I did know is that I loved The Rock and I hated Triple H, plain and simple.

Yet while my childhood hero left the WWE to pursue a career in Hollywood, I was left starved for a new hero. I tried to focus my support on Shawn Michaels upon his return to the WWE in 2002, but it never quite stuck like it did for The Rock.

Of course I think I was in denial for a great many years, thinking that one day I would hear the music hit, "If you smelllllll, what the Rock, is cookin" and my hero would return.

Needless to say, he never did.

At that very same time when The Rock left on a more permanent basis (circa 2002) and at the same time when the Heart Break Kid returned so I could watch him live for the first time, I had my eyes firmly set on this hot-shot young blue-chipper named Randy Orton.

When Evolution was formed, I despised the group (although later grew to respect them a great deal) but loved their "crown jewel". There was just something about this cocky young punk that everyone seemed to hate.

Nothing was sweeter than seeing him take the World Heavyweight Championship off of Chris Benoit (a man I grew to despise far before the tragedy of 2007). I had finally thought that the WWE had found the true evolution of Sports Entertainment.

Yet, in a jelous fit of rage (as a great man once said), that was all taken away from him. Triple H did the unthinkable and beat the life out of his long-time Evolution member and close friend.

As if I needed any more incentive to dislike Triple H.

I told people for months, that one selfish act by Triple H created a monster.

I knew then (as I've always known) that Triple H had dug his own grave.

Randy Orton was right, Triple H does have only himself to blame.

I loved Randy Orton's explanation for his actions over the past few months. His promo managed to tie everything together quite nicely and I thoroughly enjoyed the blame being put square on Triple H's shoulders.

I equate Orton's vicious actions to this...

It's kind of like having a bully spit in kids face, only to provoke the kid to punch him straight in his mouth and break his jaw.

Such an extreme reaction might appear to be a bit overboard but when it's all said and done, the bully would have never been punched had he not been despicable enough to spit in the kids face in the first place.

Only Triple H didn't spit in Randy Orton's face (it actually ended up being the other way around), he brutally beat him down and took away the one thing that meant the most to him.

So now that we've caught up on our history, lets analyze Randy Orton's chances of succeeding at Wrestlemania XXV.

I'll begin with the points in his favor...

*He won the Royal Rumble and the WWE needs to help bring back the prestige of that honor by insuring that the winner succeeds to become the champion at Wrestlemania.

*He did not become champion upon his return over seven months ago. While many injured Superstars have been awarded the title when they returned (John Cena & Edge), Randy Orton has worked his way up and gain more momentum than any Superstar in years.

*The formation of his Legacy will put an emphisis on their leader becoming champion. All leaders of great factions in recent years have gone on to become champion.

*The WWE has offered Randy Orton a ten-year contract that they want him to sign so it would be best for them to keep him happy.

*Triple H has got the upper-hand over Orton throughout the majority of this past month's rivalry.

*The WWE needs to spark change and give the fans something revolutionary. Needless to say, they're not getting that out of Triple H.

I will now cover the points in Triple H's favor...

*In 24 total Wrestlemanias, not once has a heel walked into the main event as the challenger and walked out as the WWE Champion.

*Randy Orton needs to be severely punished for his despicable actions and nobody ever gets the best of the McMahons.

*Randy Orton won at last year's Wrestlemania so it would be unlikely to see him (especially as a heel) duplicate that result in consecutive years, especially considering Triple H was one of the men Orton defeated last year.

*The WWE absolutely refuses to send the fans home disappointed at Wresltemania.

Although it wouldn't be a complete shock to see the fans turn on Triple H, if they do remain loyal, it would be hard to imagine the WWE closing out Wresltemania with the fans being upset with the result (that's why they closed the show with Edge vs. Undertaker last year).

When it's all said and done, I'm pretty much left stuck trying to figure out who's going to win this match. Perhaps it's the homerism in me, but I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Randy Orton will become the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania XXV.

As angry as the fans might be with seeing Triple H lose, to end the main event of Wresltemania with the predictible happening and having Triple H win is something I just don't see that going down.

Since the match is not a "no disqualification" contest, Triple H would not be able to get proper revenge during the event anyway. Simply seeing Randy Orton getting pinned one-two-three would never settle the score between these two.

Expect to see Randy Orton become the WWE Champion and have to face his demons a little further on down the road.


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