Chris Jericho Could Be the Best Savior for Ryback's Career

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistJanuary 28, 2013

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Ryback's WWE career: save us Y2J.

I enjoyed the Royal Rumble. There were a lot of predictable aspects of the event, but sometimes that which is predictable is the right thing to do for business.

A major issue I had was with Ryback. First, WWE wouldn't have him win any important matches. Now, he can't even lose right.

John Cena was a popular and logical choice to win the Royal Rumble based on all the hype of him having a match with The Rock again at WrestleMania. I picked Cena. No surprise.

Why have Ryback enter the Rumble at No. 30?

If you know he isn't going to win, at least let him look as strong as possible, going the distance and eliminating people for an hour. He's gotten the short end of a suck stick for several months.

He should have entered as one of the first five entrants. You can't use any talk of fatigue as an excuse and say Ryback wouldn't be able to go an hour. Royal Rumble is―punch, kick and struggle in the corner.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting (h/t F4Wonline) new talks of a heel Chris Jericho working Ryback at WrestleMania.

This could be the best thing yet for Ryback. Jericho would make the match seem important. He would make Ryback seem important. He would put Ryback over on a grand stage in a grand way.

I've heard complaints of Jericho continuing to come back and how he flip flops as face and heel. He does it because he can.

A return always merits cheers for someone with the legacy of Jericho. He got the pop at Royal Rumble. Whenever he and WWE are ready, they'll get the heat they want on Jericho.

Ryback lost his first big match because of a referee low blowing him. He lost his next big match when three guys attacked him and lost his next big match because those same three guys beat him in what was an awesome fight, not match. He lost a WWE title match on Raw and had nobody wondering how he'd win but rather, how he'd be screwed. He then got screwed.

Now, he loses the Royal Rumble after drawing the best number possible and gets beat by a guy who came in the match at 19.

Losing to John Cena in the Royal Rumble isn't a slap in the face. It's a booking spot most any wrestler would like to be in because it means your meant to be important. Key word, “meant.”

The loss to Cena in the Rumble is magnified because it adds to a long list in a short time.

A big task awaits for WWE to go forward after WrestleMania (the start of a new season in WWE's world) with having any reason to believe Ryback is still a top star who could be a top face for the company for years to come.

A task best fit for success if Ryback works with Chris Jericho's legacy, mic work and of course his 1,004 moves.