Russian Basketball League Coach Dishes Perfect Assist on Insane Play

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If all else fails, just pass he ball to the coach, because he knows how to get the rock to an open shooter. 

A tip of the hat to this Reddit feed spotting a bizarre moment from a Russian basketball league that featured a player passing to a wide-open coach. 

I imagine the other team kicked themselves for not doubling up on the guy in the suit. 

As with any video of the International variety, and especially one featuring such an odd play, there isn't much information we can deliver here. 

The YouTube description merely offers, "UNBELIEVABLE! A Russian basketball coach has the assist of the year as his team score a three-pointer" in the description section. 

Something tells me, despite that description, that the three-pointer did not count. You can hear a whistle the second the coach touches it, but it's nice to think he got away with a move that would win any game of Hot Potato. 

As for the play, I am struggling to find out what my favorite part might be. I love the player who looks directly at his coach and still launches a crisp pass in his direction. 

I also rather enjoy seeing the coach with amazing reflexes having the mind to get the ball to the only open player on the court. 

Then of course, there is the three-point specialist who just disregards the subsequent insanity and nails the jumper. 

No, the best part is all the players acting like this happens all the time. 

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