WWE Royal Rumble Results: 4 Post-Rumble Predictions Heading into the Future

Elliott Binks@https://twitter.com/elliottbinks92Senior Writer IIIJanuary 28, 2013

WWE Royal Rumble Results: 4 Post-Rumble Predictions Heading into the Future

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    Though the 2013 Royal Rumble pay-per-view may have been somewhat predictable in places, for me the show was still a solid event and had all the excitement and drama that we have come to expect from the Royal Rumble.

    Twists and turns, surprise entrants and some brilliant spots made for a thoroughly entertaining PPV, though perhaps most importantly, such developments could have some longer-lasting effects moving forward within the WWE.

    It was the Rumble match itself that laid the foundations for the majority of these developments, through various means, such as surprise eliminations or impressive individual performances.

    This article identifies and discusses four of the more subtle developments to come from the PPV, making predictions as to how they may conclude over the coming weeks.

Conflict for Team Hell No?

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    One of the most obvious talking points from the Royal Rumble match was the elimination of Kane, as this came at the hands of none other than his tag-team partner, Daniel Bryan.

    The Big Red Machine then returned the favour by refusing to aid his fellow tag-team champion—unceremoniously dumping him on the ground below after he had been desperately clinging onto his partner for survival.

    The question here regards the severity of this issue.

    Was it merely more of the dysfunctional antics that these two have so often displayed? Or is there something more serious at large here?

    With WrestleMania approaching, this could be the ideal—albeit stereotypical—method of breaking up Team Hell No and pitting the two men against one another on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

    Perhaps I’m reading into this one too much, but a Team Hell No feud certainly is now a possibility after the events of the Royal Rumble match.

Push for Bo Dallas?

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    Having won the NXT tournament for a spot in the Rumble match, Bo Dallas entered at No. 16 and put in a decent shift on his full WWE debut.

    He only managed one elimination, but he survived long enough to suggest that a push for the young talent could be forthcoming in the next few weeks or months.

    And speaking of his elimination, he impressively claimed the scalp of the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett.

    His actions provoked a bitter response from Barrett, as the Englishman unleashed his Barrage on the NXT star and eliminated him from the match.

    If a push really is on the cards for Dallas, a high-profile feud with Barrett could be exactly what the WWE has in mind as yet another new face looks to establish himself in the big time.

Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes

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    One of the best moments of the Rumble match was the wholly unexpected return of the Bizarre One, Goldust.

    He entered to a solid reception and went on to prove in the ring that he does indeed still have “it.”

    And, most notably, one of the focal points of his offense was his brother, Cody Rhodes.

    There has been speculation of a feud between these two in the past, but after what transpired in the Rumble match, a family feud between the two adversaries appears more likely than ever.

    Failure to win the tag-team titles could result in Cody reverting to singles competition, meaning that at present the only real question surrounding this one is whether or not WWE can sign Goldust to a short-term deal of some form.

Ryback for the World Title?

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    Entering at No. 30 was always going to benefit Ryback.

    The Big Hungry went on to dominate many of his opponents, emphatically eliminating five Superstars, including Sheamus and an in-form Randy Orton.

    But ultimately, Ryback came up short and lost out to John Cena, finishing second in his first-ever Rumble match.

    Though there are technically no prizes for finishing second, in seven of the last eight years, he who finished second in the Royal Rumble went on to feature in a Title match of some form at WrestleMania (the only exception being Santino Marella in 2011).

    So could history repeat itself this year?

    If the WWE’s poster for Elimination Chamber is anything to go by, then we may well be set to see Ryback in the World Title picture shortly.

    With his rivalry with CM Punk cooling and no interaction with the Shield at the Royal Rumble, the World Title scene could be Ryback’s next destination in the WWE.

    But what do you guys think?

    Comment below with your thoughts on the PPV, as well as any opinions you may have on the article itself and the issues discussed.