WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Results: Top 5 Questions Left Unanswered

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WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Results: Top 5 Questions Left Unanswered

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    Sunday night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view had the potential to be the most unpredictable show in a long time. The keyword there is potential.

    And while we are not surprised to see John Cena and The Rock as the big winners of the night, there are still questions left unanswered.

    The tag team titles match did not go exactly how some envisioned it would.

    Plus, the Rumble match did not have as many surprises as some were hoping for.

    In any case, as I have done with episodes of Monday Night Raw, I present to you the top five questions left unanswered after WWE Royal Rumble 2013.

Why Didn’t Team Hell No Lose the Tag Team Titles?

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    In a surprising turn, Kane and Daniel Bryan actually continued to get along and retained the WWE tag team titles.

    Many expected Team Rhodes Scholars to finally win the belts as a result of Team Hell No being their dysfunctional selves.

    Plus, Dr. Shelby was nowhere to be seen, as he could have helped Team Rhodes Scholars by turning on Kane and Daniel Bryan.

    It would seem as though WWE would like to continue the comedy and entertainment Kane and Daniel Bryan provide, which is understandable.

    The next question then becomes, what tag team will be the one to finally end the streak Team Hell No has begun?

Will Goldust Begin a Feud with His Brother, Cody Rhodes?

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    One surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble was Goldust, who as we all know is the real-life brother of Cody Rhodes.

    Both Superstars were involved in the beginning of the Royal Rumble, and it was the younger brother Cody who eventually eliminated Goldust.

    Could this be the start of a WrestleMania match?

    I have already discussed why Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes should happen at WrestleMania, and the former’s wish may come true.

    The Royal Rumble is a great time for new feuds to begin, as the every-man-for-himself atmosphere could cause tension between anyone.

    It remains to be seen if this year the Rumble match caused tension between the two sons of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

Why Was the Godfather a Surprise Entrant and Not Papa Shango?

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    A huge surprise came during the Rumble match when The Godfather’s music hit and we were exposed to the man and two hos.

    Wade Barrett has become popular for teasing that Papa Shango will be in the Rumble each year. For those of you who don’t know, Papa Shango was a character played by Charles Wright, who also portrayed The Godfather.

    This was surprising, as The Godfather is definitely not PG, while Papa Shango would seem more appropriate in this era.

    Maybe we need to start believing Wade Barrett, though. He may not have been completely correct, but he was pretty close. Correct person. Wrong character.

Why Wasn’t The Shield Involved in the Rumble Match?

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    Although it can be argued we never actually saw The Shield at all during the pay-per-view, the group certainly was not in the Rumble match.

    They could have been part of the 30 Superstars in the Rumble match or they could have caused havoc and attacked Superstars.

    In any case, Ryback, John Cena and the other 28 Superstars didn’t have to deal with Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns.

    But why?

    Perhaps they are just helping (or trying to help) CM Punk. Then again, that didn’t work too well either.

    Was the Royal Rumble without any injustice?

    John Cena winning is as unjust as it gets, but that’s just my opinion.

Who Will John Cena Challenge for a World Title at WrestleMania?

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    This question may have an answer that some just don’t want to admit, but we don’t officially know which championship John Cena will challenge for at WrestleMania.

    Chances are we will see another John Cena vs. The Rock at WrestleMania, but what about next month at Elimination Chamber?

    The Rock still needs to retain his title at next month’s pay-per-view.

    Also, last time John Cena won the Royal Rumble, he cashed in his opportunity at the February pay-per-view.

    Will he do it again?

    Doubtful, but you never know.

    It remains to be seen exactly what John Cena will do and who he will challenge at WrestleMania 29 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.


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    As discussed earlier, Sunday night’s Royal Rumble was one of the most predictable pay-per-views WWE has ever produced. However, we were still left wondering a lot of questions.

    Who will be next to challenge Team Hell No for the tag team titles? When will CM Punk get his rematch for the WWE championship? Why did CM Punk lose to a simple elbow drop?

    There are so many questions without answers.

    What questions were you left with unanswered after Sunday night’s pay-per-view? Please leave your questions, answers and comments in the section below.





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