Norwich City: 5 Things Fans Would Like to See Chris Hughton Do Differently

James KentContributor IIIJanuary 27, 2013

Norwich City: 5 Things Fans Would Like to See Chris Hughton Do Differently

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    I should point out at the start that this piece is not designed to be an anti-Chris Hughton piece in any way. This is purely a look at some of the things fans have been saying about the team and things that might need to be changed to alter the run of bad form.

    Therefore, here is a look at a few things that the Norwich City manager could do differently. Clearly, the focus on this slideshow will be on the tactical approach. But it’s important to remember that all managers have faults and fans are rarely completely satisfied.

Make Changes Earlier

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    This is one change that is a little bit hard to get used to, because it is the polar opposite to Paul Lambert. The previous Norwich manager used to make changes at the earliest possible time, and at times they were very drastic. But Hughton tends to be a more refrained character that doesn’t change things unless he feels it is absolutely needed.

    Nevertheless, it is this approach which is seen as negative by fans that want to see earlier changes. The majority of time, substitutions tend to be very late and have little impact on the game. Lambert was always very positive, and his changes often worked.

    Therefore, maybe it is time for Hughton to lose the fear about losing and think about what he needs to do to win a game, even if he risks losing by doing so.

Use a Different Formation

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    I think it’s fair to say that the 4-2-3-1 formation has served the club pretty well this season. It looked like a very strong system when Norwich were on their 10-match unbeaten run.

    But now the team is not performing so well, the system is obviously completely helpless.

    I don’t actually agree that Norwich’s problems are all to do with the system and a different style would change everything. But when a team is not getting results, it can’t do any harm to try something new.

Sign a Proven Striker

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    There seems to be a sense of paranoia around at the moment that Norwich City don’t want to sign a striker, despite the fact that multiple confirmed bids have been put in. However, it’s fair to say that the fans will be appeased if that striker does come in the door by January 31.

    There have been plenty of names mentioned, and it’s fair to say that they come with a diverse range of abilities. But what the fans really want to see is a significant chunk of change to be spent on the very highest quality.

Use the Squad More

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    Chris Hughton tends to like the status quo of the team and chooses to only make changes within a certain set of players. This is another significant difference from Paul Lambert, who at times took rotation to extremes.

    There are certain players in the Norwich squad that don’t look capable of getting a game.

    David Fox is the most obvious example of this, but you could also look at certain youth players that also aren’t getting a chance that, perhaps, they deserve.

    Nevertheless, with the team struggling for form it might be an idea to give some of the other players a chance.

Play in a More Attacking Way

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    The defensive tactics were fine when we were nicking 1-0 wins, but now that run of form has ended, it doesn’t look so good. Fans are concerned that we look likely to concede at least one goal, but don’t always look like scoring ourselves.

    I think it’s also fair to say that a lot of goals this season have been scored from set pieces rather than open play. This is something that suggests that the team have not been playing in the most attacking way possible.

    It’s also fair to say that Chris Hughton values defence over attack.

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