WVU-Xavier: This One Hurts

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WVU-Xavier: This One Hurts
Maybe it's too soon for me to be writing this, but I am not ready to be, "Oh, well, it was a great run," about this 79-75 overtime loss to Xavier.

This loss is heartbreaking.

WVU had it and then lost it.

If WVU had stayed in its early hole and ended up getting beaten by 18, it would have been easier to take. But the team heroically eliminated an 18-point lead, two points by two points.

Then, Joe Alexander ties it and gives the team a chance to go ahead with 14 seconds left in regulation. But bricks the free throw.

WVU was up by six—by SIX—in overtime and leaves a guy completely uncovered for a 3-pointer.

I think that 3-pointer sailed exactly the same number of millimeters over the outstretched hand of the WVU defender as that Texas 3-pointer sailed over Frank Young's hand to sink the Mountaineeers in the 2006 tournament.

WVU had the victory in their hands even with Xavier shooting a 1985 Villanova-like 58 percent from 3-point range and WVU shooting nine percent. Nine freaking percent.

I'm not angry at the team or the coach. But I'm not magnanimous about this loss. This one bloody well hurts.
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