Twitter Reacts to the 2013 Pro Bowl

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Twitter Reacts to the 2013 Pro Bowl
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The NFL's Pro Bowl is not exactly the most anticipated game on the schedule, but there was definite intrigue surrounding this year's version.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has hinted at the idea of removing the game completely, so actual effort and competitiveness would definitely be needed this time around.

As always, Twitter was filled with reaction, analysis and commentary of the Pro Bowl. Let's look at some of the highlights:

ESPN Stats & Info noted how Larry Fitzgerald could set a Pro Bowl record Sunday night:

Matt Birch was just one of many who tweeted about Train's performance prior to the start of the game. Few people were too excited about Train's efforts:

Ross Tucker pointed out the obvious, but forgot to note that the MLB All-Star Game actually features a great deal of effort:

ESPN's Mark Schlereth apparently had better thing to do than tune in for the annual contest in Honolulu:

J.J. Watt suffered a finger injury fairly early in the game. Bleacher Report was quick to post this gem of an image:

SportsCenter's account made light of some of the game planning and execution in the Pro Bowl:

Adam Schefter commented on a tweet from Patrick Smyth, who noted that Al Michaels has become a staple of the Pro Bowl. Michaels has seen the entire Manning family play in the game:

Sunday Night Football's account caught a great image of former teammates Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne catching up with each other on the AFC's sideline:

Patrick Smyth noted how Peyton Manning continued some of his Pro Bowl records. On a side note, who knew they tracked Pro Bowl stats?

Never at a loss for words, referee Ed Hochuli had some jokes to share once he had a penalty to announce. Bleacher Report tweeted the following:

Erik Frenz opted to poke a little fun at how Matt Slater of the New England Patriots did not have a single catch all season, but managed a reception in the Pro Bowl:

Russell Baxter highlighted the lopsided square of the contest during the fourth quarter:

Troy Aikman may have summed up the festivities best when he commented on the lackluster history of the Pro Bowl:

When the game finally (and mercifully) ended, the final score was 62-35. Whether or not this will be enough to convince Roger Goodell of the game's validity remains unknown.

What we do know is that it is finally time to fully turn our attention toward the Super Bowl in one week's time.

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