Report Card Grades for Key Players in the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2013

Report Card Grades for Key Players in the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl

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    The clash between conferences finally happened when the Pro Bowl kicked off. However, the AFC didn't seem to take it too seriously as the NFC's 62-35 win would attest. 

    Okay. You might be more excited about next week's contest between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. 

    That's fine. But it doesn't mean we can't have some fun.

    So click through to find the grades of each key player. Each slide was updated after every quarter with the dominant player at each position. 


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    Fourth Quarter

    Andrew Luck (AFC): B+

    He did not look good to open the quarter, but the drive ultimately ended in a touchdown. Perhaps he wasn't sure how to pass from the standing possession. Luck did rebound with a pretty deep ball to Green for another score. He finished with an interception, but it was a jumpball to J.J. Watt. Here's betting he wasn't too worried about the result.

    Third Quarter

    Russell Wilson (NFC): A

    Is there anything Wilson can't do? He slipped out of the pocket and threw a touchdown on the NFC's first drive. Then, he followed it up with a nice run and another touchdown pass. And then he threw another. Watch out for this kid. He might be good. 

    Matt Schaub (AFC): C

    Well, he threw another interception and tossed a touchdown that wouldn't stand up to a review. But this is the Pro Bowl. Thankfully, this game doesn't have reviews. Enjoy the moment, Mr. Schaub. 

    Second Quarter

    Eli Manning (NFC): B+

    I didn't realize the Eli Manning face could make an appearance at the Pro Bowl. I figured it hadn't received any votes. After his pick-six to Derrick Johnson, Eli's struggle face crashed the party. He did, however, lead the NFC to a pair or scores and throw for 191 yards. 

    Matt Schaub (AFC): C

    Meh. He completed a few passes and did get the AFC into NFC territory. However, his ill-fated deep ball was under-thrown and picked off. 

    First Quarter

    Drew Brees (NFC): A

    Not a bad performance for Brees. He's posting an 11.4-yard average and has one long touchdown. Could MVP honors be in his future?

    Peyton Manning (AFC): B

    He also had a touchdown pass, but he's only completed half of his passes. It's like he doesn't care anymore. Maybe Manning's best football is behind him. 

Running Back

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    Fourth Quarter

    For whatever reason, the coaches refused to let this game end and didn't run much in the final quarter.

    Jerome Felton (NFC): A

    I love fullbacks scoring touchdowns. It's one of my favorite plays in Madden. Oh. Felton scored a touchdown. Hence the mention. 

    Third Quarter

    Doug Martin: B

    Not much going on in the rushing game, but he did catch a nice touchdown pass. That counts for something. 

    Second Quarter

    Marshawn Lynch (NFC): A

    Lynch actually ran like he gave a crap. There was a nice run where he ran through four or five tacklers for 10 yards. Oh, and he scored a touchdown. 

    First Quarter

    Adrian Peterson (NFC): F

    The first play of the Pro Bowl was an Adrian Peterson fumble. Didn't see that one coming. Brees put it right in this breadbasket, but it just rolled down his body into Champ Bailey's hands. And he's only averaging 2.6 yards per carry. 

    Arian Foster (AFC): F

    Foster has three carries for -2 yards. Enough said. 


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    We're going to combine wide receivers and tight ends in one slide. It's the Pro Bowl. I'm allowed to tinker with the rules.

    Fourth Quarter

    A.J. Green (AFC): A

    Green definitely earned a second mention. He pushed off just a touch and grabbed the rock at its highest point for one touchdown. He then followed that up with a 50-yard score, giving him three for the game.

    Third Quarter

    Larry Fitzgerald (NFC): B

    He gets some extra love for having been there all game. Plus, he caught a touchdown pass. 

    Vincent Jackson (NFC): B

    He wants that MVP trophy. Jackson added another touchdown catch.

    Second Quarter

    Victor Cruz (NFC): B

    He caught about five passes, kept the chains moving and scored a touchdown. That's a solid performance in the Pro Bowl. 

    Kyle Rudolph (NFC): A

    Somebody forgot to tell Rudolph that the Pro Bowl doesn't count. He's killing it out there with 122 yards and a score at the end of the first half. 

    First Quarter

    Vincent Jackson (NFC): A

    It's simple. Score a touchdown, get an A. He also had a nice little catch-and-run near the end of the quarter. 

    J.J. Watt (AFC): C

    You read that right. Watt lined up outside on the AFC's first possession. Manning looked his way, but Charles Tillman was not going to allow a defensive end to score a touchdown on him. Still, he's a lineman. He gets points for the effort. 

    A.J. Green (AFC): B

    Green scored the opening touchdown after Peterson's fumble. That earns some love. 

Offensive Linemen

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    Defenses are only allowed to play base defenses and they aren't allowed to blitz. I'm not going to waste your time with grades.

    But I will waste your time with a video first exposed to the Bleacher Report community by Jesse Reed


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    We're going to cobble together a defender or two if we can help it. 

    Fourth Quarter

    Jason Pierre-Paul: A

    I gave everyone else an A for grabbing interceptions, so I'd be remiss if I didn't add JPP. He beat out J.J. Watt for a poorly thrown ball. However, it still counts. 

    Third Quarter

    Earl Thomas (NFC): A

    Thomas wanted to be included in this slideshow. Picking off Matt Schaub got that done. See Moore, William. 

    Second Quarter

    Derrick Johnson (AFC): A

    The dude picked off Eli Manning and then ran a whole mess of yards to score a touchdown. That's an automatic A. 

    William Moore (NFC): A

    In a game without tackling, pass coverage or pretty much anything defensively, an interception earns an A. He picked off a deep Schaub pass after it was tipped by Patrick Peterson. 

    First Quarter

    Champ Bailey (AFC): A

    Nobody on defense is playing particularly hard. You can't blame them. However, Champ Bailey did recover a fumble. Kudos.

    Cameron Wake (AFC): B

    He got a sack. And I need something to talk about.