Royal Rumble 2013: 5 Reasons Why CM Punk Will Beat The Rock Tonight

Daniel Massey@EPWWEfan1Senior Analyst IIIJanuary 27, 2013

Royal Rumble 2013: 5 Reasons Why CM Punk Will Beat The Rock Tonight

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    CM Punk faces The Rock tonight in the most anticipated match since Triple H and Brock Lesnar at last year’s SummerSlam.

    Most of the WWE Universe think that it is a given that The Great One will return in his second match in around eight years and capture something that Punk has fought for his whole career.

    Now, it’s not that I wouldn’t love to see The Rock as WWE champion again.

    I just don’t want to see it at the end of tonight, and here’s why.

He Hasn’t Had a Clean Win for Too Long

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    Punk has had the help of The Shield for the past couple of months, not to mention Brad Maddox at Hell in a Cell 2012.

    CM Punk needs a clean win to show that he deserves the WWE Championship and the respect he yearns for.

    The fact that interferences are keeping the belt on Punk is getting a tad bit old and, I believe that if he beats The Rock cleanly, he will show that he is not all mouth and show and that he truly is the best in the world.

To Set Up Streak vs. Streak

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    This would be the first of two dream matches at WrestleMania that can only happen if Punk retains his WWE Championship at tonight’s Royal Rumble event—CM Punk vs. The Undertaker.

    Streak vs. Streak. Now, I am not going to predict a winner here or go into the pros and cons of each outcome, but the match would be amazing, and I can’t think of a better buildup than Streak vs. Streak!

    Punk is in an elite group of Superstars that are eligible to face The Undertaker—John Cena, The Rock and Brock Lesnar being the other three.

    CM Punk is my pick this year and it must be for the WWE Championship.

    This would also make CM Punk and The Undertaker the most important match on the card.

To Set Up Brock vs. Rock II

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    I know this is a bit contradictory to my first slide, but if this happens, then the first slide won’t really matter since Punk could get a clean win in the Elimination Chamber.

    Brock Lesnar is likely to interfere on Punk’s behalf, not only setting up a rematch between Rock and Brock at WrestleMania 29, but also allowing Punk to retain his title and go on to WrestleMania to face The Undertaker.

    If Brock Lesnar comes in and costs The Rock, it will also allow Rock to get away with losing without fear of destroying any credibility The Great One has.

    The WWE has been very specific over the past couple of weeks about how The Shield cannot interfere or Punk will be stripped of the title.

    They said nothing about Lesnar.

Rock Doesn’t Need or Deserve the Win

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    Rock doesn’t need this win. It is actually annoying to the majority of fans that The Rock can just stroll in and beat anyone he wants.

    It was acceptable with Cena because no one really expected him to beat the Golden Boy and everyone wanted him to. Now he is in danger of making Punk look weak and jeopardising what has been a historic title reign.

    Rock paid his dues years ago, but he should not be allowed to come in and steal the spotlight from all the hardworking young talent that are there every day of the year.

    This is another reason Punk should be granted the win.

To Elevate Punk into Superstardom

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    A win over The Rock. Even John Cena couldn’t manage that.

    If Punk truly is the best in the world, then he should be able to knock off The Rock.

    If he does, it will be like The Undertaker beating Hogan—absolutely epic.

    Punk will certainly be catapulted into superstardom!

    He will be the new Cena, and it would also be the perfect time for a face turn should WWE want to go in that direction with Punk’s character.

    Bottom line is, Punk should win.

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