Other MLB Players, Managers We Wish Would Write Tell-All Books

Mark MillerCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2013

Other MLB Players, Managers We Wish Would Write Tell-All Books

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    Anytime an MLB player or manager parts with their organization in a less than ideal way, there are bound to be hard truths that could very well rear their head down the road.

    That's exactly what has happened with regard to the Boston Red Sox, however, as former manager Terry Francona has released Francona: The Red Sox Years, a book that outlines the highs and lows of the dismissed manager's time in the dugout.

    For those of you not interested in picking up a copy for yourself, check out B/R MLB Featured Columnist Joel Reuter's recap of some of the most notable excerpts.

    In the meantime, here are some other current and former MLB players and managers that could drum up just as much interest if they decided to let their thoughts find their way onto the page.

Bobby Valentine

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    What better place to start than the very manager that followed Terry Francona in the Red Sox dugout.

    Bobby Valentine has had his share of notable moments—whether it's the disguise he donned after being ejected from a game while managing the Mets or the less-than-flattering comments he made about the Mets front office which rubbed plenty the wrong way.

    More recently, Valentine would have plenty to share about the brief and tumultuous one-year tenure he endured as manager of the Red Sox before being shown the exit after a 93-loss season.

Manny Ramirez

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    These fans already have the title figured out, so if Manny Ramirez wanted to go ahead and get working on Mannywood: The Manny Ramirez Story, he'd have a leg up.

    There certainly wouldn't be a shortage of information to share, even if he opted to omit his PED era.

    Ramirez would, however, need to bring up the dugout altercation with teammate Kevin Youkilis, and while he's at it, he'd have to recall the incident in which he shoved a Red Sox official.

Carl Everett

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    Carl Everett is remembered by many for the flashes of brilliance that he showed, if even for a single at-bat.

    But what the majority of us likely remember him for are the numerous altercations he had with umpires, some resulting in extended suspensions.

    There's also the fact that he's a blatant homophobic, made public in an interview with Maxim when he said (h/t ESPN) that "Gays being gay is wrong" and that "Two women can't produce a baby, two men can't produce a baby, so it's not how it's supposed to be. … I don't believe in gay marriages. I don't believe in being gay."

    Everett likely wouldn't make a whole lot of friends with a tell-all book, but there are many that would really like to understand exactly what could possibly be going through his mind.

Barry Bonds

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    Barry Bonds may be baseball's all-time home run champion, but he'll never be confused with baseball's most likeable players. His unapproachable demeanor alienated teammate after teammate, and the PED scandal hasn't in any way helped his image.

    Indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice in 2007, Bonds has spent just as much time in the limelight for the controversy as he has for his home run-hitting tendencies.

    Much like Rickey Henderson, Bonds had so much talent packed into his swing that he didn't need much coaching, but the way he approached teammates and organizations in general isn't the way a leader should carry themselves.

    All of these things would probably lead to a self-glorifying tale that would move away from any admission of PED usage, though I doubt we'd expect anything less from Bonds.

Lou Pineilla

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    Known for his short fuse, Lou Piniella provided entertainment for fans in New York, Cincinnati, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Chicago as he voiced his displeasure for umpires frequently.

    He wasn't afraid to go after his own players, either, and with a tenure as long as Piniella's there is definitely no shortage of stories that would come from it.

Derek Jeter

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    Derek Jeter is one of those players who has a way of rubbing fanbases of any other team the wrong way.

    Whether it's his bachelor-to-the-max style or the public way his most recent contract negotiation developed, Jeter has been an easy target for anyone outside of the Bronx.

    What isn't up for debate, however, is how talented of a player he's been throughout his storied career.

    There would be no shortage of stories from The Captain, and maybe he'd even elaborate on the gift baskets he sends his one-night stands home with.

Ozzie Guillen

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    Fans in South Florida thought they may be in for a treat this past season as they welcomed the always eccentric Ozzie Guillen as the new manager of the Florida Marlins.

    Guillen was still found to be the best candidate for the job despite a past track record that included some candid statements about Latin Americans in baseball.

    Early on in his tenure, he even elaborated on his road trip routine:

    I go to the hotel bar, get drunk, sleep. I don't do anything else.

    Things didn't get any better for Guillen in the public eye when his comments about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro earned him a five-game suspension.

    Now that Ozzie has some free time on his hands, maybe he can get around to writing what would be one of the most interesting tell-all biographies we could hope to see from a MLB manager.