3 Must-Watch NY Rangers Games in the 2013 Season

Jeremy Fuchs@@jaf78Correspondent IIIJanuary 28, 2013

3 Must-Watch NY Rangers Games in the 2013 Season

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    There are 48 games in the 2013 season, but only three of them are must-watch for the New York Rangers.

    These are the games that provide the most intrigue and have the most importance on the schedule. They're the ones you absolutely have to tune into.

    What are the three must-watch games this season for the Rangers?

    Read on to find out. 

Feb. 7 vs. New York Islanders

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    While the New York Islanders are not a great team, the rivalry with the Rangers goes back years. 

    The "Potvin Sucks" chant originated in the 1970s and still goes on today. That happened after star Islanders defenseman Denis Potvin laid a vicious hit on Ulf Nilsson. Rangers fans still haven't forgiven him.

    Every time these two teams meet, it's a physical game with plenty of fights.

    This will be the first game of the season between these two foes, and anything is possible.

    Look for a lot of fights, a lot of hits and a lot of penalties.

    It'll be plenty of fun to watch. 

Feb. 17 vs. Washington Capitals

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    The last time the Rangers played the Washington Capitals, they won in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

    It was a hard-fought series, with the seventh-seeded Capitals putting on quite the fight.

    The Rangers were able to hold on, but just barely. In fact, it could be argued that the difficult nature of the series hampered the ability of the Rangers to compete going forward.

    This will be the first time these two teams will meet since that series.

    Some things have changed—the Rangers have Rick Nash, the Capitals don't have Dennis Wideman.

    Still, it should be a good game featuring a lot of goals and a lot of hits.

    Tune in on February 17 to see the renewal of this emerging rivalry. 

Apr. 27 vs. New Jersey Devils

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    The last time the Rangers played the New Jersey Devils, it ended in heartbreak.

    The Devils scored in overtime of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals to punch a ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals.

    There will be four games between these hated rivals, but none will be more important than the one on April 27.

    That's the last game of the season, and so much will be on the line. In this shortened season, every game matters.

    April 27 will be the most important game. It could be the difference between home-ice advantage or not. It could be the difference between making the playoffs or not. 

    Both teams are expected to make the playoffs, and unless one team has everything wrapped up, this will be a fight to the finish.

    Expect the teams to play in a physical battle in what could be the best game of the year.